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Ambient Impacts

The ambient impact is considered as any alteration of the environment, resultant of the activities human beings, who directly or indirectly, affect health, security, well-being, social and economic activities, aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment, that is, degrading the quality of the environmental resources. The disordered growth is main the responsible one for changes of the landscape, changes these that affect, many times, drastically one determined territory. Valley to stand out the deforestation, where species of fauna and flora finish entering in extinguishing; constructions in stream edges and rivers, that they use of resource hdrico to deposit sewer I domesticate (resources these that good part duly is not treated), are important remember that in rainy period it provokes erosion and destruction of the constructions and streets, unsheltering many families; another question is of the garbage, when it does not have a collection system, the people use of the streets, strips of land and of rivers to play it, burn or it in its proper yard. These forms finish still more increasing the number of illnesses putting at risk the health of all. Therefore, it is concluded that disordered actions in the environment intervene directly with the quality of life of the humanity, to the times due to knowledge of the importance of the conservation, others, unhappyly, for indifference of the governing.

The Actions

Honestly if you don’t open your mind to change and refresh it, you will not be able to assume all these brushstrokes of knowledge and experiences that allow you to work fairly well. The first thing that you need to define is what you want and that are looking for with your project. If this didn’t have it well defined and on the other hand think that you have done them everything and you do not progress, you must refresh mind and start to auto – check you. All ideas are valid even small details are important to place you in the top positions. Nor assume a single criterion or opinion. Study, read, prepare and draw your own conclusions and better yet, show you likewise what do and corrects the actions if necessary. I imagine that you’ve heard someone say that he would do things differently if you were to begin with certain knowledge.

This is true. There are many mistakes that I have made that you could have prevented them. THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. REUNETE WITH MILLIONAIRES. However there are things that if we did them well from the beginning and that shows good results of the project in such a short time. And it may seem like another small detail but it is not. This preceding sentence may seem somewhat pedantic or discriminator but is not.

Does not mean that you give importance only to those who have money and discriminate the poor although there are two types of poor those who unfortunately suffer by that social condition at our discretion and is difficult to access the daily sustenance and those who wish to be him, just by not generating, or not working. Each of us choose without realizing our social condition. But don’t want to philosophize about this matter, only my interest is to transmit you something of the determination that you need to succeed.


Of this common atony to all not even the science, decorated for an idea of severity happened of excellent methods of inquiry, hangs on the errors making to always see as beautiful autarchic that son alejado with which always we interpret the world, would say us Heidegger. The faith is far from being the salvation of this place the one that I called cradle the humanity. the belief is not another thing that it pueriu smile in the semblante of a premature soul. The philosophy seems to give up the answers to the investigation of our origin, and if it makes skeptic to the comfort of more not having that to think and to assume this formidable gnese. To depend on science, world you will be had in the abandonment.

Therefore in contrast to us, whose time inhibits us it escape, the son of the future he will be ' ' TO HAVE S4' ano' '. I now lead to think: How would feel itself the humanity, the last man to leave it in its odyssey for the space? The death seems to steal us same in what living creature does not reveal. the end of this world, the abandonment of this cradle the humanity leads in the memory, perhaps. Orbe, pardons us! That our sad humanity is a limit that compels in them to save only we ourselves. But, I believe, we will bring it flowers daqui has some billions of years. we will sacralizaremos those same beliefs for on vast inane of your tacit tomb if death its, at last, appearing us as exclamao of its value. It ordered who to want you to mrtir you? It goes, deceased world. rests yours soon tenra peace

Small Histories

Pra you of the family, know that in the vein of the descendants of the family Blacksmith You mark runs a little of tango. My grandmother was Argentine. Bertolina owner Flowers, been born in 1900 in the city of Corrientes, learned to read in Castilian, what she did not help it very since was changed for Brazil with 12 years. The family Flowers, that passed due to land and work in Argentina, for influence of what she said herself of Brazil at that time: many vacant lands, without owner, were alone to arrive and to take ownership of its soil piece; they decided to change pra here. decided that no member of the family would be in Argentina.

All, grandmothers, brothers, nephews, cousins, uncles, dog, cat, hen and periquito had been joined. They would not leave nobody and nothing it stops backwards. They came all contented ones and counting advantages on the life in Brazil, of as everything would be better, of as they would have land to work and as the life it would be more easy. They came singing and commemorating, all happy ones with what they could be of its lives. All, but a youngster who left the fianc stop backwards. family of the young woman, for knowing that all came to Brazil, also the youngster, did not authorize the marriage, from fear of that the girl would have that to also come.

It was not satisfied itself and in the way of the trip, he found that the pain that felt for if separating would be bigger of what if of this the one shot in the proper chest. It finished the commemoration. All had finished the trip of fight. It did not have cantoria nor had counted more advantages. What all wanted now was that they arrived soon at the destination, that could return the routine and forget the tragedy that happened during the trip. thus, of I fight, had arrived at the destination: Brazil, blessed land, back in the city of Amambai, in the border where Brazil was Paraguay, in 1912.