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The Crowd

One of the most common misconceptions is' bought a camera and my pictures will be better! ". Alas, only increase the possibility of technology, not yours. For example, if we consider a portrait in natural illumination, then using Canon 400D + 50/1.8 can take a picture, similar in quality to that made Canon 1Ds mark iii + 85/1.2L. And the first set will be worth 20 times cheaper. Technicians can be defined by the comments, in which many technical concepts. This 'photo lovers' always lacked sharpness, they often change the photo equipment, spending her serious money. The problem is that they forget about the soul of the pictures that a technical flaw can be art reception, which masterminded the photographer. And the criticism they can not take because they can not understand what was going on when people talk about a boring story.

For them, the story – this clearly traced hair, lack of Peresvet and beautiful drawing bokeh. Also, there is another category of photographers. Art people (people of Art) – a sublime creation, whose soul is replete with feelings and emotions. Often it is teenagers who have mastered a couple of techniques in Photoshop to change color photographs. Popular effects such as cross-prosiding and blur the background.

In general, treatment of photos here plays a significant role. Most of the themes – self-portraits post-modern-industrial-art-photos, stories which have greatly missed for his soul. Such artists are often suitable dress – bright colors and a desire to stand out from the crowd going wild gray incomprehensible.

In Lazarevskoye

In some villages there are numerous cafes, bars, discos, where you can enjoy your evening. Beginning in May, the month in Lazarevskoye always come famous pop artists and collectives. And, of course, do not forget that not far from the resort village situated interesting natural objects: the gorge, dolmens, waterfalls. Rest in Lazarevskoye now available to everyone. You can stay in the private sector or in one of the modern hotels. In the village are numerous hotels and resorts, offering great comfort and relaxation. In addition, many hotels Lazarevskoye not only offer excellent conditions for recreation, but also the possibility of treatment and rehabilitation. By combining the unique climatic conditions, curative sea air and the professional medical care helping to restore power quickly to rehabilitate after severe illness.

Resort Lazarevskoye: a good holiday all year round! Come to rest in Lazarevskoye possible not only in summer but in winter. Regardless of the travel time, you can get a lot of positive emotions and impressions, energized, and if necessary, improve their health. During winter vacation in the Black Sea – is peace and quiet. Really come alive spa towns for the period from May to September. Thousands want to soak up the sun, spend your time on the beach come to the hotels Lazarevskoye.

So if you want to rest left solely positive emotions and experiences, we recommend to take care of choosing a boarding house or hotel in advance. Lazarevskoye: Hotels. Today, many people when choosing a resort, primarily interested in the cost of leisure. And here We offer a pleasant discovery: the price of holidays in Lazarevskoye order of magnitude lower than on many Black Sea resorts. Numerous hotels Lazarevskoye offer comfortable accommodation at very affordable prices. Most hotels and resorts located on the coast. Convenient location, comfortable accommodation stock and a wide range of services will make your holiday unforgettable. And, of course, do not forget the excellent diagnostic and treatment base, located in local homes. Many hotels in Lazarevskoye offer a course of treatments based on data from health centers. Choosing a holiday in Lazarevskoye, you can be sure we made the right choice. Depending on your preferences you can stay in single, double or triple rooms range in standard rooms or luxury apartments luxury. In addition, hotels in Lazarevskoye offer excellent facilities for families with children. For young tourists are excellent conditions for accommodation, many hotels are equipped with children's restrooms and playgrounds. In Lazarevskoye almost every year, opening new hotels and resorts, which certainly indicates that the infrastructure is developing the resort, offering visitors modern amenities and entertainment.

The Past

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Infantile Game

In all the parts of the world the children play as soon as the opportunity appears to them, doing it of a totally natural way. Perhaps the game is part of its lives, is one of the few things in which they can decide by themselves. The game is a present activity in all the human beings. They have identified it to the etlogos with a possible fixed landlord of behavior in the human ontognesis, that has consolidated throughout the evolution of the species. If we looked for in the origins, the contribution can be come off the game to the human species.

There is no humanity where the game does not exist. He is something that the anthropologists are shortage, and if we thought that the game goes united to the childhood, deepening envelope he we will get to consider the paper of the childhood throughout history. The test that playing it is not an invention of our days we found in old Literature and the art, in which the activities of the children are described, and in the Roman Forum rayuela taxed in the floor is one. The oldest sonajeros made of bladders of pig or throat of birds, those that filled of stones so that the produced sound stimulated the curiosity of the smallest children. Surprising often, the children play the same type of games: to rayuela, to jump to the cord, with dolls or balls. Nevertheless, the games and the toys usually are different in the different societies, depending this phenomenon on the access to diverse types of materials and the existing values related to the game. The fetter to consider the children, the game and the toys varies according to the country del that we are speaking. All the cultures do not consider the game like an important factor for the development or maturity of the boy, although the specialized investigation has demonstrated that most important that a boy can do is to play.