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Strategy Health

INTRODUCTION the increasing interest for the satisfaction of the users, in the health sector, had beginning according to some authors as Prvost, Fafard, & Nadeau (1998) in the decade of 70, based in structural aspects technician and of the quality of the attention. In the last few decades, this subject comes being considered as an important component in the quality of the care, as well as supplier of trustworthy and adjusted information on the opinion of the population in relation to the offered services, allowing the improvement of the same ones. related topic. Dustin Moskovitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. According to Health department (1997), many people already had heard to speak in the SUS, the Only System of Health of our country. The SUS is a system, composition for many parts and, for more different than they seem, has a common purpose: to take care of and to promote the health of all the population, improving the quality of life of the Brazilians. It appeared as reply to the insatisfao and existing dissatisfaction in relation to the rights of citizenship, access the services and forms of organization of the health system. For the Health department (2001), the Program Health of Famlia (PSF), currently called Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF), considers action of promotion, protection and recovery of the health of the individuals, the family, of just been born to aged, healthy or the sick ones of integral form and continues. Its objective is the reorganization of practises in new bases, is considered, one of the great priorities of the health department for reorganization of the basic attention and consolidation of the SUS. Since the proposal of the ESF is to offer to quality in the assistance promoting health and preventing illnesses and agravos. The norteadora question of this research is: How the families registered in cadastre in the New ESF Hope evaluate the assistance given for this team? This work if becomes excellent due to necessity of evaluation of the ESF in the agricultural polar region, since few studies in this especificidade exist.

Practical Climate: Energy Passively Take Advantage

Passive house components integrate energy advisor of the climate protection campaign / campaign website informs with passive house special and new design Berlin, December 7, 2009. \”While international solutions will be negotiated in Copenhagen, the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment shows climate seeks protection\” climate protection of the practical way: with the new passive house special \”and informed they can benefit consumers, as they personally of the passive house construction in the new and old building various energy saving advisors on climate seeks schutz.de and check out what best practice examples. Three of a total of 15 energy saving Advisor of the climate protection campaign has been added to various options to the passive house standard. \”In the Guide heating costs in the new building\” builders of residential buildings now have the opportunity to check the energy balance and efficiency of a passive house, which requires no separate heating system, in addition to the quick comparison of different heating systems. Quick and easy user can the individual amount bring the investments needed and the current fuel consumption and operating costs in experience. Also, the CO2 emissions of selected systems are compared. The current energy saving Regulation (EnEv) requires an annual heating requirement of no more than 95 kilowatt hours per square meter, for example, for a newly built detached house. The Energiesparwunder passive house with its requirement of less than 15 kWh undermines these guidelines many times over. Passive house renovation in the building worth the Upgrade Advisor\”offers according to the rating of the energy consumption of the existing building, passive house components as modernization measures to select. In existing buildings these measures can be worthwhile, like Tanja Loitz GmbH, winner of the climate protection campaign, explained Managing Director of the non-profit co2online: an average detached House has an energy consumption of 180 kWh per square meter per year.


We all know how important our country has a regulation of labor and social relations as much influence and attention from the state to these spheres of social life. Labor relations are regulated by law in state level, for violations of labor relations provides serious sanctions. Maintain personnel records entrusted to the employer. Large enterprises are usually created entire departments and services engaged in this activity. In small and medium-sized enterprises function of hr administration, as practice shows, is given to "at the mercy of" the accountant or the Secretary (non-specialist labor relations). It is quite natural that every owner and manager of the enterprise are interested in dealing with major key business challenges in obtaining and increasing profits.

All forces and resources are directed to achieving these objectives and, of course, no time or capacity to pay as much attention to the accompanying core business activities (marketing, accounting, personnel, etc.) It is not always (for whatever reason) relationships at work and protect it serious attention, respectively, personnel records are not being or being superficial. This is especially important, again, for small and medium-sized companies. But, dear employers want to remind you that for violations of labor and its protection is provided civil, administrative and professional liability. But there's an easy way out, which will allow the law, and own interests to comply with: the transfer service organization maintenance of personnel records of your company. It is also possible to keep accounts and to pass tax and other reporting (in matching funds) for frames. Outsourcing – it's an organizational decision, management course, which is to transfer a third party contractor of some business functions of the enterprise (for example, keeping the same personnel records).

Transferring footage to autsosing you: You will save money (no need to take a staff of experts, and even a few professionals, pay them wages, make payments (taxes and fees) do not need to organize their work places, etc. Also you can avoid the rather big fines for violating labor laws. Payment for services will cost you several times cheaper); save your time and effort by turning to the professionals; Get a complete and required documents governing the relationship between you as an employer and your employees; Protect yourself from problems with the various agencies and organizations involved in monitoring and supervisory functions Work and its protection. The technology works by transferring personnel office (and labor protection measures) in outsourcing: 1. Meeting with the heads of your company, identify your needs 2. Drafting and conclusion service agreement (on transfer to the outsourcing of hr administration functions), with all the necessary applications (determination of the composition and rules of work of performers, the cost of service order reporting, etc.) 3. Development of regulations on hr administration and order processing of personal data of employees of your company's agreement not to disclose confidential information 4. Obtaining the consent of your employees on the transfer of personnel records management in outsourcing third-party company, 5. Carry out the contract on outsourcing.

Review Of Video Converters

Free Video Converter A simple utility that supports all major input and output video formats. Hear from experts in the field like Slayer for a more varied view. Allows you to set fine-tune video, convert multiple files at once. Handles files flv, saved from popular online video services. Besides video conversion, is able to pull apart and store the sound in a format mp3, wma, aac. The tool is free and has an interface in Russian. Conversion is performed in a single stream with a normal speed.

Any Video Converter is even more simple converter with a minimum number of functions and settings. It is not possible to fine-tune the output file, but you can choose the format of several pre-defined presets. Interface focused on neprodvinutogo Users, however, the lack of Russian language can prevent completely untrained people to work with the program. Not a bad feature – possibility to download videos from YouTube directly from the interface converter. Movavi Video Converter Easy converter interface with the Russian language and Russian help file same language. Support all the formats, including a spectacular number of presets for mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, psp, BlackBerry and so on). Advanced users can fine-tune the size, resolution and other parameters of the final video.

Has a useful function that had not previously met in converters – Splits large files into a single great movie. Handy when you need to connect two pieces of film into one. Another interesting feature that was not in the other – creating photo galleries of the rollers – the program itself takes the right amount of screenshots from a file and puts them in a folder. Last thing you want to pay attention – the effects and opportunities for improvement video. Cope well with the artifacts in the constricted files and allow you to make videos more fun. Besides, you can just change the brightness, contrast, and flip the image. As an additional feature is supported by DVD-rip with all the bonus materials. The program is free, only the first 30 days (a full-featured version), then the cost Registration – 499 rubles. Media Coder powerful tool that can hardly be called pure konveterom. Written by a Chinese programmer, and contains numerous features, the overlapping population of China. Unfortunately, all this is very difficult understand because of the irresponsible and awkward interface, in which there is no Russian language. True, there are Ukrainian and Belarusian. Can convert between most of the known formats, allows you to fine-tune output formats and has a number of presets. DVD-rip there, but sdelat not too convenient for the user. You can recommend it for advanced users who are willing to understand the piling up of functions. Is free and open source.

Mechanical Antitheft System

The issue of vehicle safety, as well as protecting them from theft worth more since the first cars. So when you have a car, first think about its security. Want to start with what we need analyze the existing types of anti-theft systems and choose the most suitable of them. Consider the most common types of anti-theft systems. The first type – is the mechanical protection of car theft. The principle of them is that the system is blocking the ability to manage a specific item. Mechanical protection system can be divided into two main categories – the system locks the steering wheel and the system blocking transmission.

For the first variant uses the mechanism of self-grasping the steering wheel, this mechanism goes sliding pin, which rests on the floor lounge, which therefore does not give the possibility to produce the helm and will not give to steal cars. These systems are mostly universal and can block the wheel probably of any kind. Slightly different things are with the mechanical locking system gearbox. Them correctly call 'podkonsolnye pin locks'. The main feature interdigital locks is that for every model has its own locking system adapted for a specific console gear box, allows tremendous efficiency to block access. Now these types of systems for more than 300 different models and brands of cars.

The advantage of these systems is the impossibility of sawing blocking pin, because he located inside the console gearshift. Mechanical anti-theft system is quite easy to install, as well as this does not deteriorate saloon cars because they give no dents or scratches. Advantages of this system consist in the fact that the thief will have to tinker for a long time, and afterwards simply pull back. A disadvantage is that the mechanical anti-theft devices are not able to alert the driver about breaking his car. The next type – electronic. They allow not only to block the car itself, but also to inform the use of special funds motorist about the possibility of theft of your car. Electronic systems are pretty common, and in particular represent a system of locking doors as well as the possibility of fixing a set of gauges breaking, as well as system alerts the driver. This group of anti-theft systems determine immobilizers. Immobilizer is a hidden device which makes it possible to identify the original key driver. At the same time when using a fake (not the real key) and the team sharing the auditors do not comply with signals, immobilizer locks one or the same pair of e-government-run machine, so in other words, lock the starter, ignition. Immobilizer will not protect the machine from the autopsy, but not exactly give without specialized electronic means to steal a car burglary. Finally, all of the above we can say that it is better to use anti-theft device such as electronic, mechanical, and also, only then can you be sure that personal vehicle will not be hijacked.

Mysterious Female Entity

How often do we hear: "Women do not understand!", "Oh, this woman's logic!" And to understand that every woman simply, if a little thought. Any woman living heart and feelings, often the mind has no time for emotions. And every woman wants attention, love and tenderness. More information is housed here: Dustin Moskovitz. If a woman loves, it is given in full, all this love. But if a woman is hurt – woe to those who wronged her! Of course, women are different, too – someone more othodchiv someone vindictive, someone wiser But the essence remains the one – without love, a woman dies. In my life, every woman plays several roles: daughter, lover, wife, mistress, mother, employee, director. During life, these roles are alternated, intertwine, combined.

In each of these roles, cases, problems and their causes in different women are often the same. To understand some of them, and consider examples of real life situations have tried the site Woman – Mysterious Women's essence. It also addresses interpersonal relations from a scientific point of view of Russian and foreign researchers. I recommend to look – really a lot of interesting things.


In a leasing scheme involving three parties: the lessor (the Seller), Lessee (Buyer) and leasing company. The essence of leasing in the following: having a part of the necessary funds to purchase real estate, car or equipment, the company brings them to the leasing company as an advance. Leasing company for their own means acquires from Lessor property, specified by the lessee. Lessee (Buyer) shall pay Leasing payments during the period determined by the lease agreement, after payment of all fees lessee becomes the owner of the property. This is a scheme of financial lease. When leaseback seller of real estate at the same time serves as a lessee, in other words, business-to-property owner sells the property, the leasing company with Simultaneous execution of a treaty on long-term financial rent (leasing) of its former property, and repurchase and subsequent transfer of ownership to the lessee.

Owner property is the leasing company until full repayment of the lease payments the lessee. The room can be on the balance sheet of leasing companies, while property tax is included in the lease payment, the lessee is taken into account off-balance accounts. Able to finish option, under which a property is listed on the lessee, with all the ensuing fiscal consequences for the buyer, lease payments, in this case are somewhat smaller. Plus lease advantage of leasing over bank loan forms provided by the law of tax benefits. If the enterprise acquires the fixed assets due to credit, it spends on it's own capital, emerging out of profits. A profit is subject to taxation.

Unlike a bank loan, Lease payments are not considered as accounts payable, and as current expenditure, which affects the reporting enterprise. Can be used in respect of the leased object mechanism of accelerated depreciation factor of up to 3 reduced the total period of payment of property tax, allows the company to quickly recover the cost through the investment costs. Upon the expiration of the lease agreement Estate reflected in the lessee at the minimum, or zero residual value. Leasing allows the enterprise with minimal non-recurring costs to purchase modern equipment and technology in sufficient quantities. It is not necessary when buying expensive property to accumulate personal funds, which are usually invested in stocks, finished goods, are involved in settlements with debtors, ie, they are source of funding for ongoing activities of the enterprise. The leasing contract may be concluded for a longer period than the loan agreement. The term real estate leasing, for example, may take up to 10 years, significantly longer than conventional lending. Collateral in case of financial leasing acts the equipment or property. Leasing can be advantageous to lease commercial premises. Very often the size of the lease Payment less than rent for using the same premises, in addition, at lease there is no risk of eviction or rent increases. Minus Leasing to enter into relations lease, any enterprise assumes certain risks: he has received equipment officially considered to be leased and owned by a leasing company. It may be, for example, were seized for the debts of the company, even if a large part of the payments it has already been done. Banks in this regard is more reliable. The problem of finding and attracting long-term investments to increase production, acquisition of modern equipment and new technologies is faced by many Russian enterprises. In a situation where the banking system is experiencing stress, and opportunities for investment credits are limited, leasing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to finance the development of production.

Solution Competence

So you will not solve the great challenge of the present and future about the solution competence in politics: with apparent solutions, accountant tricks, polishing of statistics, tinkering with symptoms is just zero. Who really wants to improve, you must eliminate the real causes of the problems. What can you see everything, if you look through the straw on the serene sky: a blue stain, white or grey and much in between. And it does not matter, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Read more from Ping Fu to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And so it goes also when you look with the straw in our world: cheer them every hour and are worried at the same time, our future, economic and other prophets, and with them the media.

Today’s good, tomorrow bad, in the morning, at midday, rising, falling, evening sideways blah, until the ink runs out the pot. If it was less by 90 percent, it would be too much still to 90 percent. At least for those who on the sophisticated thoughts come contemporaries, on meaningful, sustainable information Value to set. History teaches, if the harvest is good, then you must start with the seed. It just changes when change behaviour, procedures or new possibilities open up by new inventions.

And that takes time usually. Often, this is also a matter of decades, for example, the corporate culture in a company to change. With apparent solutions, accountant tricks, polishing of statistics, tinkering with symptoms is just zero. Who really wants to improve, you must eliminate the real causes of the problems. Once, it was somewhere between Europe and Asia on the plane, I got an older Chinese in the conversation. We talked about wealth and poverty as the wise man was serious and said you have to ask five times why, to reach the true cause – and, you have dry to create the swamp of often wrongly acquired privileges – even if the privilege Knights defend the marshes with claw with their lobbyists.” In other words: It would be the advisable sometimes Straw to put aside and look to focus on the essential: what are the overall objectives and the really important questions? A non-bureaucratic management without a useless diversification and without duplication or the genuflection before nursemaid and beneficiaries? Effectively eliminate poverty or that make rich richer? Prevent the extinction of the fish in the sea or allow overfishing? People who can live in 200 years on this planet or the overexploitation of nature continue? Tolerate solidarity with billions or the excess of the cheaters? Stop the cruelty or not jeopardise the income of animal tormentors? And, it retains the usual ritual of the problem solution? After years tug of war by mostly uninvolved with the lobbyists, there is a hard-won compromise proposal: a little less cruelty, so that the animal torturer must not suffer too much. Robert Lackner

Information Technologies

All Russian schools has recently been equipped with computer labs, which allows not only full classes and computer access to the Internet, but also to use in learning and knowledge control different types of modern technology. Of course, multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards so far not found in every school, but as they say, the process has begun. And a great example of – the active involvement of technical means of training the next generation of guidelines for the conduct of classes and extracurricular activities, the desire of teachers to develop new equipment. This trend in education has been called "Information and communication technology" or "ICT". Technique can be used in the study of any school subject. Experience shows that the competent use of ICT teacher significantly increases students' interest subject.

Presentation, held on the big screen using a multimedia projector, help the teacher better understand the process and results of experiments to conduct virtual tours on all geographical areas and the best museums in the world. Children can see firsthand how the rich flora and fauna of the earth, seeing not only the panorama was taken, and macro shots of any living creature or a natural phenomenon. In schools that do not have yet its own projections in the role of the transmitter signal using computers, from which information is displayed on a monitor or LCD TV. Experienced teachers are warning that the use of ICT must be justified by the quality footage, the theme of the lesson. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dry Harbor. As simple records and outline the conclusions of the lesson is quite possible to communicate to students in the traditional way. Build block diagrams, display algorithms, prove theorems and laws it is better together with the class, using the usual entries, or an interactive whiteboard. But the multimedia projector – a good support for learning processes in the microcosm or astronomical objects. A computer with a webcam – great decision to show the teacher "small" experiment.

To make it clearer exactly how the lesson can be used ICT, we give some specific examples. Show the children how the earth at the same time and day pass night by using the removal of images from the web cameras in their respective time zones. During chemical reactions on the screen showing all the characteristics of the participating agents. Scales and interactive whiteboard linked. And what a space for teachers of technology! Now students can see large, clear drawings, and high-quality slides and films about the history of fashion, style and interior. For teaching needlework and cooking The Internet offers a huge number of master classes that make children a genuine interest.

Internet Subscribers

Are vital, important conscious you of and the valuable thing that it is the content for his business in line? In fact, the content can make more construct its business and of giving better benefits him than almost any other resource or service available. What follows is a list of 5 keys of how the content can construct to the traffic of its Web site, the subscribers and clients as of today. 1. To publish content by means of articles constantly, which contain key words, will cause that its Web site improves within the ranking of the motors search, and obtains a greater number of visits. You may want to visit Ping Fu to increase your knowledge. For example, if its business consists of offering products and services related to marketing in Internet, you must publish articles related to marketing in Internet and the content will attract potential clients without limits on a regular base. 2. To duplicate or to even triple the number of subscribers whom it has at the moment, simply offering contained in the form of " information especiales" or manuals like bonds of subscription to these publications. People adore the gifts, reason why we must give what they want to them, to be able to see as it is increased the results! 3.

To create an automated flow of information, for example you can create a course or mini-course which this dividing in 5 parts, which were sent in 5 different post office; or within this course you can place connections of affiliates or the connections of his products or services, in such a way that in each mail there are three or four connections that generates income to them. For this he needs a service of sent of automated mail (Autoresponder). 4. One of the most important keys for a successful business in line is not only to have a list of subscribers of electronic mail is to construct a relation of confidence with its subscribers (that is to say, " cultivar" its list) By means of the shipment of informative articles (contained) to your list of regular way you will settle down yourself like an expert in your niche of businesses, as well as the increase of the confidence of your subscribers through time.