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Helicopters Equipped With Air Bags

You know those airbags in your car? Did you know that are very similar in nature to the airbags deployment system used to crash land on the surface of Mars Rover on Mars? Did you know that a company is making external airbags for helicopters and a helicopter? It’s all true. To deepen your understanding Dustin Moskovitz is the source. There is a critical height of the helicopter engine failure, height if the engine quits the helicopter will come crashing to the ground. Normally, if the engine quits in a helicopter can auto-rotation and the blades rotate around a sprocket or model helicopter Da Vinci. This keeps the aircraft gliding and as the pilot glides at the proper ratio, the helicopter hovers to the ground and just before getting their change over the rotor blades of the helicopter can make a hole in the air and therefore easy for a soft landing. The problem arises when they are too low to create a stable and suitable glide, in this case a helicopter is very vulnerable to total loss. If the aircraft hovers low to the ground with a full load is even more dangerous, but one company has created the solution, air bags good ole ‘, just before crashing implemented to save the occupants and the fuselage total destruction. Obviously, it would be good for all helicopters to be equipped with this, however when you think of the missions of our troops from the Middle East to travel by helicopter and the number of lives lost, this could be the perfect safety item. If an accident does the water could be inflated giving everyone onboard those few crucial seconds to get out alive. This system should be installed on all presidential helicopter, Marine One and the company that manufactures them is Rafael and the name of your product is external PRIES helicopters Airbag Protection Systems. Only way we’re losing too many troops to helicopter accidents, which have nothing to do with actual combat and we all know that we protect senior officers and our nations leadership too.

Autonomous Communities

R A. The delay mean of payment for supply of medicines to hospitals in the national health system is 410 days. Four regions exceeding 600 days: Castilla y Leon, Andalusia, Cantabria, Comunidad Valenciana and Murcia. The rationalization of pharmaceutical spending has caused the fall of 8% of the market. The biggest thud of the sector in its history occurs at a time in which accumulates the biggest hospital debt which is around 5.2 billion euros and the delay in hospital payments is higher than the 410 days. The Association national business of the pharmaceutical industry (Farmaindustria) reveals that Andalusia is the autonomous community that registers a higher level of debt 1,245 million euros, followed by the community Valencian 957 billion and Madrid $ 700 million. On the opposite side, communities with lower level of debt by drug supply are Navarra 9.4 million, La Rioja country Basque 51.5 and 41.8 million. Perhaps check out Dustin Moskovitz for more information. The situation has no intention mutate.

In the first three months of this year, only five communities have reduced their hospital debt: Navarra a 68.2%, Cantabria 9.6%, Balearic 7.9%, Basque Murcia a 0.5% and 1.1%. Galicia, La Rioja, Castilla – La Mancha and Valencia are the autonomies that most debt have increased since then. The Royal Decrees of Act 4 and 8/2010 of rationalisation of the pharmaceutical spending and different measures developed in the same way by certain autonomous communities has been the key to the problem. The President of Farmaindustria, Jordi Ramentol, reveals that the sector has ceased to enter EUR 2 billion and they have lost around 5,000 jobs direct and some 20,000 indirect and induced. In addition, it has stalled investment in r & d and many pharmaceutical have entered into losses and has dropped its investment pace. This Executive linked the self-management of the AA CC with the desperation of regional Governments to not be able to cope with health payment and requires the PP that it governs in eleven autonomous communities which make sense of status and reach agreements to maintain cohesion and equity in the health system.

Terms of payment delay in payments is another concern of the first order for the pharmaceutical sector. In the month of March, the average in the national health system stood at 410 days. However, there are up to five communities who accumulate more than 600 days of delay in payment by supply of medicines to hospitals: Castilla y Leon, Andalucia, Valencia, Cantabria and Murcia. Despite disastrous data, a total of nine communities managed to reduce their average payment period in the first quarter. Cantabria reduced 119 days, 106 Navarra and Baleares 85. Conversely, Galicia rose the middle period of payment in 82 days compared to December of 2010, and Andalusia and Valencia, in 72 days. Source of the news: the autonomous communities should be more than 5 billion to drug companies

Finding A Niche Internet Business

Let’s start by defining a niche market, as a niche market is a marketing term used to refer to a portion of a market segment in which individuals have homogeneous characteristics and needs and the latter are not fully covered by overall market supply. Consider the following example: A niche would be “how to raise domestic dogs” which is defined as well said a portion of one segment but still it remains vague and general so you should segment, ie it even more specific for example: ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs. ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs to help disabled people. ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs for people living in the countryside. This way when the niche segment, this allows us to target a certain group of people, in the interests of the same, because, if your intention is to sell everyone? …

That is something impossible and difficult. Once you’ve segmented your niche and you know what you’re going to direct public comes the part in my opinion, most important: Be sure of your choice, the niche you choose must apasionarte therefore you need to spend what you do. Worry about mastering the subject, perhaps you will not start perfectly, but with the passage of time to get performarte in it, so much so that you yourself be surprised. Emphasize the importance of this stage as it depends on the success you get in the future. In my case, for example, would never have chosen to sell books or kitchen products, and I do not like, not far from my passion I have knowledge in this regard, but on the contrary, I like it and I’m passionate about good food! When you reach the third stage, you have to ask who to sell? and what to do to get to the public? Returning to the example of St. Bernard dogs Parenting for people living in the countryside, in this case the potential customers would be people living on the outskirts of the city. Therefore in order to reach that audience would have to make a market survey to determine for example what percentage of people engaged in agriculture or related activities outside the city or in certain locations.

PerezHilton Concert

The singer will come to Spain expressly to sing four songs. It will be a private concert and the place and date are unknown. Money can achieve many things, for example, be able to afford your favorite singer to cross the pond only to give a private concert by four songs. That is what it has achieved a Spanish anonymous billionaire, who by a doubtful reasonable price will get Christina Aguilera to sing only for him. The blonde is still very faithful fans who are willing to pay whatever you do lack just by having it close. Aguilera has agreed to fly to Spain to give a unique private concert for a billionaire as the pink blogger PerezHilton has been able to know. The young man has accepted 2.4 million euros that the Spanish was willing to spend to be able to see it. It will be a real lightning trip and almost incognito because that is not given to know the exact date of the trip nor the Spanish city it will go but what is confirmed is that it will be very brief since he will only sing four themes. Let us hope that the fan in question think is very well what you want that Aguilera sing since almost going to exit the concert more than half a million euros per song. Source of the news: A Spanish pay 2.4 million by a concert by Christina Aguilera

Surveys Paid

You ever do you think in earn money online in your free time? There are many people like you who are interested in finding a part-time job in which you can earn silver from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking this type of occupation, I recommend you read this article that’s going to count as revenue extras answering paid surveys. There are many companies (paid surveys companies) that depend on the paid surveys to obtain data for your market research department. For them, public opinion is a very important factor. Then, if you are of those who have an opinion on everything, you can earn money with surveys pay. And the most interesting thing about this is you can do from your home.

Here I present a very interesting analysis on the positive and negative aspects of the paid surveys: positive: + you can work from your home. + Get paid just for giving your opinion. ank-pnc-citi-chase-wells-fargo-us/’>Navy Federal Credit Union by clicking through. + No need more than 20 minutes to complete each questionnaire. + You don’t need any kind of special ability to work responding to surveys. + You can make money fast participating of several surveys at the same time.

+ You can enjoy other benefits such as free samples and discount coupons. And some companies also podes you win prizes! Negatives:-there are many sites that promise to pay you and do not. -If the site where you registered you pay with points there are many chances that you never receive payment after all your money. -If you register in the wrong place, this company can sell your information to other companies to send you advertising to your email box. -You won’t earn much money if you don’t at least work 3 hours per day. So if are interested in participating, I recommend that you first get a list of legitimate sites that offer paid surveys. In this way, you’ll be avoiding all the negative aspects that I mentioned previously. In conclusion, all businesses have their risks and benefits. But as the saying that nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Traffic Police

Were it not so long ago in the glorious city of Penza. My machine tinted all around, except windshield (naturally tinted front side windows does not meet state standards). At the intersection of the Moscow and Gorky hampers DPS officer (they are there for pedestrians pasture), the young of this, probably even younger than me. I think what braked, I kind of missed (the front passenger window lowered completely, driving more than half). Further Dialogue: D: your documents? (He introduced himself and said the reason for the stop) Me: Please. T: And where insurance? (And on the docks he can not see the type that the car less than a year, and really come to love have insurance) I am a commander, to get away! (But see have) That's insurance. T: I'll write a receipt. Me: What? T: Do you toning.

We write. I am not going. T: Why? O_o I am Potomuchno commander, you have no instrument. In general, for any reason you stopped me? D: In the City operation is conducted, "the entire vehicle," I: Can I look at the order of the operation? T: I do not have a printed form. I: And in accordance with the internal order of the Ministry of Interior should be. So for some reason you are me stopped? D: on your machine orientation. I am probably not on my own, and to look like? Can I look at the orientation? T: I have spoken it. Me: But you should have it written somewhere? T: Take the papers! And go, no goodbye to you, or sorry! With a view like this, I stopped and began to pester him with their orders and toning, etc.

Here are my issues: 1) started a conversation with an employee "you" 2) orientation really can be oral (but he had reason to call right away) Facts: "young" clearly wanted to just cut the dough and put a mark on offense and did it very clumsily, for its violations, I always pay (usually a small excess), and when gaytsy normal always asking "Guys, you need a receipt for a tick or so?" and write out or scatters or so, I do not like when they start to grow on dough from scratch Let's see what happens. One will say, impudent not advise it, trouble then more will be. If you see that is not going to fall behind and will do those. inspectors with a "light bulb", so better tell receipt subscribed! Although it is worth noting also that, by law you have to shine "light bulb", ie check the technical condition of your vehicle inspector is entitled only to a stationary position GAI! But still know what country we live in! Good luck on the road! The original of this and my other articles can be read on

Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard discovered that Dianetics brought solutions, how you can feel better physically and mentally again L. Ron Hubbard founder of the Scientology religion. Founded the first church and organization have 1954-former members of the Scientology movement in the years. Hubbard was born in 1911 and American. He already died in 1986 and already donated his entire works of the Scientology religion during his lifetime. Hubbard traveled at a young age in many countries and came up with many primitive peoples, Native American tribes, different European cultures and with Asian peoples and religions in contact. Hubbard dealt particularly with the Asian philosophies and religions.

L. Ron Hubbard was a member of the “Explorers Club” in New York and funded his travel mainly by the writing of many novels. Among them, some were a few science fiction novels. Mainly, he wrote Western, cloak and dagger novels, romances, thrillers, etc. that newly revised last year and as books and audiobooks again came on the market. The most famous novel by him should be “Under the black flag”.

Since he was also hours pilot, he wrote also some flyer novels. He had to finance his discoveries about the human mind and human behavior therefore at all. in 1950, he then published his book “Dianetics – a guide to the human mind”. He had here a self help book published to allow each reader to work on negative experiences of the past and gain thus spiritual (mental) relief. Dianetics is a portmanteau of the Greek words “India” and “nous”, which mean “the mind”. Dianetics has been defined as “What the mind the body does to”. Hubbard found through his research that the mind is incorrect “instructions” to the body for example through loss and pain, and make the body vulnerable to diseases. Dianetics brought solutions on how you can feel better physically and mentally. The book has been immediately became a bestseller. Dianetikgruppen shot from the ground and Hubbard held many lectures on his research and discoveries partially in front of over 6,000 people. Alone through this first stage of development, prior to the discovery of Scientology, Hubbard had reached, that many people even could help and were able to improve their lives through Dianetics and had. Dianetics is a basic understanding, why oneself or other people to react, how they react. Dianetics is also explanations for why people suddenly turn out or run amok. Hubbard also shows what opportunities there are to relieve emotional pain and to lead a better life. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,


One of the main components of a comfortable environment at home has always been of the air. We breathe, work and rest, awake and during sleep. On whether the air we breathe, the health status depends on the mood – the quality of our lives! So do not neglect the means at our disposal to improve the air inhaled by us, because modern air purifiers and humidifiers can be of great benefit, giving fresh, clean air. In the hot summer air conditioning low-cost model is dried air in the room, in the fall heating season begins, the houses included batteries, heaters, radiators and other heating equipment. It is not can not affect the humidity. But the humidity is 40% less detrimental to human health – dry skin, fatigue, reduced resistance to infections – that is what brings us to over-dried air. But the solution to this problem, of course. Humidifier will help you create the perfect atmosphere at home, maintain their health and the health of their children, to protect furniture and accessories from rassyhaniya, create necessary conditions for normal growth of domestic plants (because some plants need air humidity up to 90%, while the man is content 40-60%). ArhKlimat offers a line of humidifiers Boneco from the company Plaston, the types and characteristics of which we discuss below. The Swiss company Plaston over half a century makes appliances for air treatment and is the European leader and well known buyers With the popularity of the brand cleaners and humidifiers Boneco Air-O-Swiss.

Design Of Control Rooms

Control rooms are miracles of technology and are getting better. It comes to implemented solutions for the monitoring and the management of IT systems, networks and processors in control rooms, then professionals by JST need here Jungmann system technology. You very familiar with the planning of control rooms and know what to do. Not all control rooms suitable for a large screen system on the basis of the CUBE and LCD technology. For the selection of the correct big image systems company Jungmann can help, they are the specialists in the control room technology. Click Kerry King to learn more. Projectors and projection screens are in cube technology in one device combined with each other, so that the user, which is located in the control room or the control station, has a clear advantage to the conventional systems.

Through the cube systems, the pictures are brilliant and even more contrast than a conventional projectors. JST look when planning for a control room of course also on the ideality, as with a projector or projector is a control centre, a control or the control room not to equip. It would not make sense for one, because a Dim would be necessary, also the cost for the projector lamp is too high and also the heat development is simply too great. JST knows this, so also a LCD monitor wall in the control room is set up. These can be 24 hours in use and no negative consequences caused for still images. By using a software even directly resolves the problem of the memory effect. Be multiple screens to create a monitor wall mounted, is excellent to recognize the advantage of cube technology.

Of course the software used is important, because with this, there is no duplication of computer screens on the video wall. Especially the professionals of Jungmann are in demand, so that no additional burden of employees, resulting in unnecessary information display. Finally, the specialist know how a control room or control in the daily process must work so that the work is easy. The JST software shows only what is important and takes to the alarm signal the relevant images on the video wall. Finally the systems to alert independently the scenarios the operator, so that a control of the large screen is actually no longer necessary, and that is also the goal of Jungmann. For each customer, there are fast and precise solutions. There no queues or language processors must be reckoned with, staff of Jungmann system technology are available around the clock for the customers, because there may be indeed a failure, which must be eliminated quickly. This is also one of the points which distinguishes the quality. The performance package by Jungmann is very extensive, so that for each customer, the individual planning of control rooms can take place. The products include not only the big image systems, video walls and LCD monitor walls for control rooms and control rooms, because it offered the complete equipment and manufacturer-neutral planning. But not enough, because the product range includes also the software for color and Text detection, reduction and connection consoles through Multiconsoling, as well as software for the reduction of reaction times, logical interfaces between the major image systems and management software, and much more.

Wonder-device – Baby Monitor

It's really awesome find for parents. How else can check their child when an adult must leave the room. Especially if it is not a neighbor. Mom can safely drink tea, when her baby is sleeping, and especially cook for him as for her beloved husband, ironing clothes for the two of them, and, eventually, put himself in order. And in a certain city of Shorewood (Wisconsin) Mrs. Karen Bures device found another use.

When Someone in the town began to break into the cellars, she decided to leave there baby monitor. And one night, Karen heard a terrible noise. She called the police, who caught a burglar. Procter & Gamble often addresses the matter in his writings. Now Ms. Bures, she can sleep peacefully, knowing that her baby monitor on the alert.

Yes, thanks to those who invented this device. Of course, there are different models of baby monitors. This analog (working on the principle of radio), digital (on a home phone DECT), unilateral (with only listen), bilateral (with the possibility not only listen but also to answer the kid), with video (still and see the baby), with candles, and without, with music, with a clock, a thermometer, to control respiration, are projected on the ceiling (Stars), different by design. When you choose should take into account their needs. And be sure before you buy to get acquainted with different types of these devices, which is more suitable. This information is well reflected in many children's sites, sites kids' store. I'd love to tell her parents that when buying necessarily listened to the work of baby monitors. In no event shall not be squeaks, rattles, rustling. It should not be switched off without them intervention. All this will act on the nerves and interfere with control of their baby. Thus, they are nervous, the child and all around. And most importantly, baby monitor – is the assistant and not a substitute for an adult. In no case be leave the baby unattended. You can not manage to run up to the child when he would take anything by mouth or climb on the couch, or very quiet wake and get up from the crib, or when the climb over that high. Be attentive. Better parents themselves no child care.