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Ambient Impacts

The ambient impact is considered as any alteration of the environment, resultant of the activities human beings, who directly or indirectly, affect health, security, well-being, social and economic activities, aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment, that is, degrading the quality of the environmental resources. The disordered growth is main the responsible one for changes of the landscape, changes these that affect, many times, drastically one determined territory. Valley to stand out the deforestation, where species of fauna and flora finish entering in extinguishing; constructions in stream edges and rivers, that they use of resource hdrico to deposit sewer I domesticate (resources these that good part duly is not treated), are important remember that in rainy period it provokes erosion and destruction of the constructions and streets, unsheltering many families; another question is of the garbage, when it does not have a collection system, the people use of the streets, strips of land and of rivers to play it, burn or it in its proper yard. These forms finish still more increasing the number of illnesses putting at risk the health of all. Therefore, it is concluded that disordered actions in the environment intervene directly with the quality of life of the humanity, to the times due to knowledge of the importance of the conservation, others, unhappyly, for indifference of the governing.