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Antonio Torrero

One day bankrupt Greece, then big banks and within a few days there is no milk on the shelves of the supermarket, according to disturbing prophecy of Too big to fail, a television drama about the crisis produced by the channel HBO. That is one of the two dominant theses about the immediate future of the global economy. The other – the most likely – is a little less gloomy: what comes is fraught with frights stagnant for a few years, perhaps one decade if politicians are still putting the leg (and that) taking into account that they already going over four years of jaleo. The views of economists moved on that wavelength, with a more or less tinged pessimism, with a palette dominated by gloomy tones, but not too precise in their analysis. There are good reasons for both pessimism and lack of concreteness: still immersed in a disturbance in great depth; We know when lit the wick (August 2007) but we do not know its duration, nor which will be its socio-economic impact, or much less their final results, according to Antonio Torrero, of the University of Alcala. Source of the news:: the harder the relapse