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In mathematics zero is the notion that gives you the real sense. Similarly, the Loco is an essential part of the tarot, since it is the clean and jerk that is puts everything in motion, just as the divine breath that gave life to the mud. Of course, that a long road ahead, which will be desgranando along various major arcana is. But really, without the initial energy that prints this arcane nothing could exist. The Loco is behind it all, of all the physical manifestations, and is responsible for planting the seeds that will bloom over time. The fool is all potential, all purity and innocence. As yet not reached an effective realization of what promises to be, it not is neither good nor bad, it is a soul that has not yet established its path. The source of his madness is the lack of knowledge of the facts of the world.

As a newborn child, has no notion of what still awaits ahead. Indifferent to criticism from others, he continues forward even if they tell you that he is a fool. However, the criticisms are justified, because your ignorance can lead to serious mistakes. However the experience you always learn. No matter what others think of him, because internally it does what he feels is right for himself. The Loco has a non-conventional way of approaching things in life. Really, it makes what is comfortable for him. It is a transgressor, who for the commandment do as I say and point doesn’t work.

Some will find it bizarre, shocking, reckless, but since the approval of others does not represent any benefit, he will go forward in the realization of your wishes. The positive side of this Arcanum is representing a character that has a total faith in itself. And this is, without a doubt, the key to achieving success in life. The Loco is the light, the light of innocence and pure energy. Read the world with new eyes, and learn something varied every day of his life. It is an illuminated, that thanks to his innocence has the power to see and understand things that others such as children, time will not be able. This Arcanum of the tarot represents a fresh start, marking the first steps of a new stage in the life of the consultant. Original author and source of the article