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Content Management System

In this way they make money by advertising. If you want to create a business online, or want to obtain money through your website, you must not use a free service to host your web page. The software the software, the program with which you will create your website, today in day, there are so many software with which we can create our website, is impressive the amount of programs that you can find online, you can choose which best suits our needs, to large and sophisticated will be our project online. Prices may vary from pay $0.00 up to pay $450.00 or more. Unlike the free web hosting, free web design software, they are highly recommended, and here I wish to make a clarification, and it is that there are two types of software you can use, one that is installed on your computer, and another that is installed on the server that you are using, we will detail the two below. Programmes of web design that they are installed on your computer, they are already known and very famous, programs like webpagemaker, dreamweaver, webstudio, and among many more, there is a programme in particular that is very good and is free is called kompozer, program is a free distribution and you will find it in our download area, another very good and free program is Nvu, which You will also find in our download area. And with these programs really no much to say, since probably you already have one or this beginning to use one. Basically you create your web page on your computer using these programs and then upload all your files to your server using an ftp program that connects to your server. The programs that are installed on your server are known as content managers, but we’ll call them by their acronym in English CMS (Content Management System), I have to say that these programs are often even better than using a desktop program.