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Credit Organizations

66 “Assessment of the land” Land Code of the Russian Federation: “1. The market value of land determined in accordance with federal law on valuation activities. 2. To establish the cadastral value of land held public cadastral valuation of lands, except in cases specified by paragraph 3 of this article. The order of the state cadastral valuation established by the Government of the Russian Federation. 3. In cases determine the market value of the land cadastre value of land is set as a percentage of its market value.

” Rules of organization and holding of Sales and in State and municipal ownership of land or the right to conclude lease agreement of such sites, n. 3: “3. At the sale of federally owned land or the right to conclude lease of such areas the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation … determines based on the report of an independent appraiser, prepared in accordance with Russian legislation on evaluation activity, the initial price of the land or the initial size of the rent …. ” Art. “The redemption price of land, seized for public use” of the Civil Code, Section 2: “2. At determining the redemption price it includes the market value of land and situated on its immovable property, as well as all losses suffered by the owner of land confiscation, including losses which it incurs in connection with early termination of its obligations to third parties, including lost profits.

” 9. Restructuring of Credit Organizations (Federal Law “On Restructuring of Credit Organizations” dated July 8, 1999 144-FZ), Art. 18 “Sale of assets of the credit institution under the administration of the Agency”, n. 1: “… Valuation of assets of a credit institution, the Agency put up for sale, by an independent appraiser. ” Art. 19, “Sale of the enterprise (business) credit institution”, paragraph 4: “… Business Valuation of a credit institution, the Agency put up for sale, by an independent appraiser.