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Data Backup Manager

Protection against data loss due to hardware failure or virus attack. Kaarst, August 27, 2008 – may at any time lose data due to virus attack or faulty hardware. The Backup Manager 10 creates backups of files and directories before data loss occurs and causes significant damage. The Backup Manager works reliably and unobtrusively and offers two convenient solutions: either he backs up the entire data set or only those files and directories that have changed since the last backup. This saves on time and space of the hard disk.

The daily production of backup copies is fully automatic. The backup manager will not overwrite old backup. You remain in place as long as you want to as a security. All files and directories can be so recovered as they once were at the time of the backup. So, any change remains comprehensible. The original file names and directory structures remain within the backup and available. The clearly crafted backup browser facilitates the handling of the data.

He guaranteed insight and quick access to all backups at any time. One click is sufficient and already the secured file is again available. The program creates the backup archive to any desired storage medium, best on an external hard drive. Key facts several backups parallel possible (overall record) full backups and incremental backups (data) remain possible structured and well-arranged backup archive directory and file structure of your backups get comfortable recovery on the basis of the respective day of automatic creation of security copies desired data of individually restorable bhv software is one of the leading software publishers in Germany and market leader in the field of educational software. For over 20 years, bhv successfully marketed products for the PC and mobile devices. The portfolio comprises products for the areas of staff productivity (digital photo/video/DVD-CD recording), learning software, PC Tools and games.