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Since we are born we live in a world influenced by others, i.e. many decisions are others taken by us, that is necessary and part of the development process, the problem is that we have reached adulthood and often continue generating satisfaction to others, to society, except ourselves, finally this can bring us frustration, some people give tale of this very late and they conclude that they have squandered it much of his life. Living in freedom is not entering in absentia and begin to fight against some trends, rather it is to find inspiration in what we do, is enjoy the wonderful conditions that we are able to create, to make it happen must break many paradigms about what should be. Taking control of our life is not a simple decision because that implies responsibility to ourselves, is also acceptance that all we are is a personal consequence, but is the only way to find our own essence, is necessary to give an approach integral to our lives, so that we can go more beyond sensory experience, there we can discover the glorious power that surrounds us. The beautiful take control is that everything flows effortlessly because you are in harmony, then happiness invade your life, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar highlights the great secrets of happiness and mental power, by reading this book you may release feelings of guilt and limiting ideas that have been chained to an average lifeYou’ll discover many mysteries of the internal programming you will know how to organize their desires to be adhered, and you will know what is to live in fullness. Our creative responsibility has many advantages and the main one is that we will not blame for our problems and thus only have two options: accept defeat or launch to succeed with all our strength, is obviously much easier to choose the latter because the mere fact of thinking that we are in a certain position by our apathy becomes painfulthat motivates us to act strongly. There is also the other side of the coin and it is expected external changes with the least effort, it is highly unlikely, the truth is that we should seek options which will give us more opportunities to succeed in the game of life. The spiritual powers they are we have given, they are within us, we have to do is look for them, most of the times they are hidden behind fears and internal conflicts, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar is teaches us to overcome many of the most common fears that us stray from our spiritual essencetheir conception of life and the world will change when you read this book. Assume the role of releasing certain and control of our life requires a permanent commitment, but its satisfactions are priceless, materializing our dreams always is something that is worth doing. Remember that you only should cross the border of their fears, up the slope, hence leave else your creative mind, universal power, lighting Divine, everything will work in spectacular form, is there will begin when his fantastic journey, why never relinquish to you wish, fight incessantly until you achieve it.