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EFE Operation

EFE operation carried out in Gran Canaria and Alicante, where 700 plants in greenhouses and outdoor grounds have been seized. 840,000 Euros, 65 grams of cocaine, watches and luxury jewelry in two safes in Bank offices have been seized. It began with the arrests of Luka Bojojvic, leader of the Serbian mafia and author of the murder of the Prime Minister in 2003, in addition to other assassins. The police has broken up a network that funded the so-called Zemun clan of the Serbian mafia through plantations of marijuana in Gran Canaria, in an operation in which 25 people have been detained in Las Palmas and Alicante and have seized 700 plants in greenhouses and grounds outdoor. Seventeen of the arrests have been practised in the province of Las Palmas and eight in the Alicante Benidorm and Villajoyosa, as reported by the Directorate General of the police, which has clarified that the operation 33 records have been conducted and have been seized 840,000 euros, 65 grams of cocaine, watches and luxury jewelry in two safes in the offices banking. Investigations that have allowed to dismantle the Group began after the arrests last month of February of Luka Bojovic, leader of the Serbian mafia and mastermind of the murder of the Prime Minister in 2003; Valadimir Milisavljevic, considered the author of the murder, and other two henchmen.

Plantations in Gran Canaria after the arrests, investigators determined that a branch of the Group had created an infrastructure of production of marijuana in Gran Canaria and had been told to do so with several natural individuals of the island. The officers located three plantations of cannabis sativa and the first one, with almost 500 plants, was in a House of several stories in height located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Type hydroponic greenhouse had a system of automatic watering, halogen lamps and air conditioning system in order to reproduce the weather conditions for the best growth of plants in different rooms and produce several crops a year. The other two were located in almost rural areas on the island, and although they had with any stay of greenhouse, the annexed land had taken advantage to them for planting outdoors almost 200 plants. Investigations have been developed by agents of the provincial brigades of Judicial police and aliens and frontiers of the Palmas Gran Canaria, assisted by agents of the general police station of Judicial Police (UDEV) and aliens and frontiers (UCRIF). See more: Cae a network that funded the Serbian mafia marijuana plantations