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For Vigotsky

One sends regards that the professor, in set with the team of the school and the intervention of psicopedagogo, reflects on the structure curricularque is being offered and the compatibility of this with the cognitiva structure, affective and social of the pupil with upheaval of attention deficit, after all for the psicopedagogia the learning is based on the balance of these structures. For Vigotsky (1993, P. 33): All the human beings they are capable to learn, but it is necessary that we adaptemos our form to teach. The enfoquepsicopedaggico of the difficulty of learning in children with attention deficit is evaluated understands the development processes and the ways of the learning, the way pupil understands itself to interdisciplinar, searchs support in some areas of the knowledge and analyzes itself aprendizagemno pertaining to school, familiar context and in the affective, cognitivo and biological aspect. The paper of the professor is observed, with a psicopedaggica vision, to be an investigator of the processes of learning of its pupils, having prevented that the problem of light learning to a failure pertaining to school. …

Cannot have construction of knowing, if it is not played with the knowledge. To falarde game, I am not make reference to references an act, nor to a product, but to a process. I am mentioning to this place and time that Winnicott calls transicional space, reliable, of creativity. Transicional between believing and not to believe, enters and the rejection inside. The learning space ' ' it cannot be situated in the interior psychic reality of the individual, because it is not a personal dream: moreover form has left of the shared reality. Neither if it can think it (the area of the cultural experience), solely in function of foreign affairs, because it is found dominated by the dream. In this the game and the direction of the mood enter.