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Of this common atony to all not even the science, decorated for an idea of severity happened of excellent methods of inquiry, hangs on the errors making to always see as beautiful autarchic that son alejado with which always we interpret the world, would say us Heidegger. The faith is far from being the salvation of this place the one that I called cradle the humanity. the belief is not another thing that it pueriu smile in the semblante of a premature soul. The philosophy seems to give up the answers to the investigation of our origin, and if it makes skeptic to the comfort of more not having that to think and to assume this formidable gnese. To depend on science, world you will be had in the abandonment.

Therefore in contrast to us, whose time inhibits us it escape, the son of the future he will be ' ' TO HAVE S4' ano' '. I now lead to think: How would feel itself the humanity, the last man to leave it in its odyssey for the space? The death seems to steal us same in what living creature does not reveal. the end of this world, the abandonment of this cradle the humanity leads in the memory, perhaps. Orbe, pardons us! That our sad humanity is a limit that compels in them to save only we ourselves. But, I believe, we will bring it flowers daqui has some billions of years. we will sacralizaremos those same beliefs for on vast inane of your tacit tomb if death its, at last, appearing us as exclamao of its value. It ordered who to want you to mrtir you? It goes, deceased world. rests yours soon tenra peace