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One of the main components of a comfortable environment at home has always been of the air. We breathe, work and rest, awake and during sleep. On whether the air we breathe, the health status depends on the mood – the quality of our lives! So do not neglect the means at our disposal to improve the air inhaled by us, because modern air purifiers and humidifiers can be of great benefit, giving fresh, clean air. In the hot summer air conditioning low-cost model is dried air in the room, in the fall heating season begins, the houses included batteries, heaters, radiators and other heating equipment. It is not can not affect the humidity. But the humidity is 40% less detrimental to human health – dry skin, fatigue, reduced resistance to infections – that is what brings us to over-dried air. But the solution to this problem, of course. Humidifier will help you create the perfect atmosphere at home, maintain their health and the health of their children, to protect furniture and accessories from rassyhaniya, create necessary conditions for normal growth of domestic plants (because some plants need air humidity up to 90%, while the man is content 40-60%). ArhKlimat offers a line of humidifiers Boneco from the company Plaston, the types and characteristics of which we discuss below. The Swiss company Plaston over half a century makes appliances for air treatment and is the European leader and well known buyers With the popularity of the brand cleaners and humidifiers Boneco Air-O-Swiss.