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Obviously, the impact of information built in a certain sequences can form a new economic situation. It's no secret how much influence content in the exchange auctions. But we mean something more: by properly aligned Information effects can be initiated and directed a very wide range very real social and economic processes. And if you do it cleverly, you can greatly mitigate the impact of the financial, economic and social crises. People always think about what they are told. And make decisions based on information received. Consequently, only the structure of the information depends on what people will think they will refer to this information and what decisions they will bow down (again, marketing).

Directing the complementary effects of information from various, seemingly unrelated to each other and credible sources, we can form thoughts and desires of participants in economic processes. And in this time of crisis – one of the most important factors that could affect or improve the situation as a whole. And to neglect this factor means ignore one of the key factors of economic and national security. Speaking about the crisis in general: an overvalued market value and panic, we already have. For the full "bouquet" is not enough just failed marketing activities. Defining crisis and its causes so it is easy to understand, which will allow, and would not allow him to overcome. You can also identify the factors that will deepen the crisis, gradually transforming it into global macroeconomic crisis, followed by a global social crisis and a new world order.