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Insurance Levels From Safes

How much cash is insured by which safe? There are many security level in safes. You can find here what you need at what value. Have cash, jewelry or securities and certainly want this kept and still assures. A safe in the right security level / degree of resistance / VDS class is dan the necessary request. For even more opinions, read materials from Dustin Moskovitz. What is the difference between the concepts.

Security level is the colloquial and comes from the former name VDMA security level B, this referred to a double-walled safe. This was replaced by the security level S2 which is checked by the ECB-S and the VDS. Start the correct resistance class / grade from resistance degree N or 0. Below for an overview of what degree of resistance for which amount is required. It is important the insurance companies differentiate between private storage and business. Security level / intensity level possible Insurance protection without security security level A EUR 2,500 private / business security level B EUR 2,500 private / business security level S1 EUR 5,000 private / EUR 2,500 business security level S2 EUR 20,000 private / EUR 2,500 business resistance degree N EUR 40,000 private / EUR 10,000 business resistance level 1 private 65,000 EUR / EUR 20,000 business resistance level 2 EUR 100,000 private / EUR 50,000 for business resistance level 3 EUR 200,000 private / EUR 100,000 business fire protection from 30-180 minutes fire protection certificate for more information on this topic you will find up-to-date safes security levels