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Introduction To Obesity And Overweight

Lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle and poor and exaggerated power, cause every day more cases of obesity and overweight. The pathological consequences of excess fat can cause losses of money, provided will not begin to act once and for all against the bad habits that lead to this epidemic, until it dwell for urgent weight loss. Spain each year has more overweight people. For more information see this site: Dustin Moskovitz. The country that has the largest number of people with this problem is the U.S., although many developed countries suffer from it and is becoming a very serious problem. In developing countries there may be overweight by malnutrition and excess of cheap diets. Considered it a person obese when you have more than 25% body fat, in the case of the man; and more than 30% body fat, if you are a woman. The so-called index of Corporal mass (IMC) is used to determine the degree of obesity afflicting a person. To measure BMI weight of the person is taken as data in kilograms and height of his body expressed in m.

Formula would then be as follows: BMI = weight (Kg) /Altura (m) taking into account this formula, we can classify the degrees of obesity in the following way:-If BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9: normal weight is considered. -If the BMI is between 25.0 and 29.9: there are overweight. -If the BMI is greater than 30: there is obesity. -If the BMI is greater than 40: severe or morbid obesity. The problem begins when the grease that accumulates starts damaging other structures, and can lead to diseases with serious consequences. You must be aware from the beginning of what is what we can do harm, through a consistent education that let us clear from children how to protect and take care of our health. There is no more perfect solution to reduce this scourge which exercise, again and again, without restrictions, especially when there are signs of overweight. Even walk a few hours a week, but will be enough according to each case, since there is so little to be injured. The objective is very clear and burn fat, the more the better.