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Invisible Undershirts

The perfect business shirt for the modern man – on click-Germany.de businessmen familiar with the problem: it is a fine shirt an ordinary worn under T-Shirts, mostly ugly looks: cut too far, too short and often unintentionally forth lightning. Finanzdienstleister Uwe Schmidt has himself often resented. And then simply developed the perfect business shirt. Uwe Schmidt is working many years as project manager for a financial service provider. Of course he is subject to the business dress code there: shirt, tie, jacket.

Everything was perfect, except one: the vest. “Common T-Shirts flashed on the shirt cutting out, plusterten the sleeves and slipped out of his pants. I was looking for a shirt made of fine material, drawn deep v-neck, no arm. “So one that is not visible without a tie at the collar.” But so much Uwe Schmidt in boutiques, Department stores and specialty shops looking for, he will simply not find it. Friends, acquaintances and business partners he observed the same problem. From then on, that leaves him Theme no longer at peace.

If the fashion industry does not respond, I will produce the “invisible undershirt”. Without further ADO, Uwe Schmidt puts everything on one card. He quits his secure job in May 2008, consulted fashion and graphic designers, write a business plan. Then, it is the first time in Chemnitz in a sewing room. “The seamstresses were looking at first slightly disbelieving me. I wanted to not cheap, cheap, cheap, but I wanted quality!” Together, they seek out the best material, are looking for the highest quality processing of seams. When the first shipment of 500 shirts in Uwe Schmidt’s Office arrives, his heart beats faster. What are the customers say? But the worry disappears quickly. For the second day, the first online orders come. He now expands the collection piece by piece. ../albert-kreuz/ special of ALBERT cross collection: snug, wrinkles can not be formed deep drawn cut-out there are no labels in the neck, which could scratch the “invisible Undershirts” in three qualities: Collection “Berlin”: 100 percent cotton collection “Hamburg”: 92% cotton mixed with 8% elastane collection “Stuttgart”: 92% Micromodal mixed with 8 percent spandex to the business’s vests there is also suitable comfortable briefs and boxer shorts in classic white, but also in cheeky orange or Turquoise.