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Kabbalist Baal HSulam

These days, the world pays last respects to American scholar Edward Norton Lorenz, who died at the age of 90 years. One of the most famous lines of his work – chaos theory, which describes the Lorenz by way of example, known as 'butterfly effect'. Its essence is that the slightest change in one part of the system leads to unpredictable consequences in another. More information is housed here: Kerry King. For example, the flap of butterfly wings in the southern hemisphere can cause a hurricane in North America. The same effect on other examples described Kabbalist Baal HSulam in the early twentieth century. 'And do not be surprised that one person can cause a rise or fall all over the world – Baal HSulam writes in the' Preface to the book 'Zohar'.

– Part and whole are like two peas in a pod, and all accomplished in general, performed well in his part. " The dynamics of life convinces us that the conclusions of two eminent scientists – is not dry theory, but a daily reality. You may recall For example, as the strongest influence on the last 30 years, a jump in food prices in Kazakhstan ban on grain exports. But the most profound changes, Baal HSulam writes, do not occur under the influence of disturbances in the economy or trade, as a result of changes in human consciousness. Like a butterfly causing a hurricane, our minds can influence other people, and their consciousness, in turn, on us. If our influence is negative, then we will get it back amplified many times over.

But if we do good, then others will become for us a source of good. Though each may have its own ideas about life, there are things that are deemed good expression: safety and confidence in the future, mutual respect and goodwill. All these people can produce in excess and have in abundance. The generator is good in our minds. Kabbalah helps us to run it in action, namely: to recognize the spiritual kinship of all people and learn to live for the common good. From that moment a man takes the first step that brings it to a new reality where there is no place for violence and hostility. Suffice it to want to make it happen and keep in mind that 'One person can cause a rise or fall all over the world. "