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Kinderyoga In Austria

Healthy sports for your children – Yoga for kids Yoga is now no longer indispensable from the everyday life of many adults. In hardly any other program, you can learn a such inner relaxation and balance in such a short time. You can enjoy now even your children exactly this inner balance. Kinderyoga In the family hotel post will be offered special Kinderyoga. Playful manner, the relaxing movement under professional guidance are taught the youngest guests.

With music, the little ones learn the sun salutation, the Lotus seat, and more practice. The Kinderyoga promotes not only the body posture, but also the ability to concentrate. Moreover, the confidence and the peace of mind of the children be strengthened. Kinesiology for families experiencing in your family hotel Kinesiology for yourself and your children. With simple exercises, the little ones learn real move in a playful way. Life energies flow optimally and the self-healing powers are activated. Benefit from the Kinesiology hours children hotels therefore also the parents.

Visit the Kinesiology units and new recharge your batteries as a family with just a few exercises. Vacation with smiley quality that are children hotels in Austria, Germany, Italy and Croatia all the smiley, the mascot in the children’s hotels, equipped with. The smiley stands for highest quality for children and families. The hotel with smiley quality are specifically tailored to the needs of families with children of all ages.