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Larry Whitten

JOSE BRECHNER ignorance is innocent, the stupidity comes with experience. -Anonymous Larry Whitten, a Lord of Texas, bought a hotel North of New Mexico, (New Mexico). Once on-site, decided to impose new rules with employees who are mostly Mexican, as the majority of the population of the State (45 percent). New Mexico not coincidentally named that has. Before he was Mexican. The hotelier forbidden to speak Spanish among themselves, also told them they had to Americanize their names, so that Marcos was renamed Mark.

Carlos would be Charles, Sunday would be Sunday, Maria de las Nieves: Mary Snow, Porfirio, Lisandro and Eleuterio don’t know what name would play them. What not to mention Azucena, Dolores and his aunt incarnation. Obviously the arrogance of the Chief drew the ire of employees and locals, until he transcended to the media. We must not forget that the name of the current occupant of the White House is not very English, why boy they called him Barry. The matter of substance is, that we should ask if Mr. Whitten had acted in the same way if the staff was of European origin and speak Swedish, German or French.

According to upstart popular culture, the French would give him more level to the accommodation, and could even be part of the menu to offer tacos and burritos with hubris: Galette of mais, et fine pate de farine de Ble, legumes et viande farcie. In its beginnings, European immigrants spoke their native language until they learned English. The same happens with the Mexicans, with the difference that immigration is steady, and keeps part of his cultural background, not only because they come from the ranch of to the side, but who are natives of the place. There are others remember, that there is no official language in United States and in New Mexico spoke Spanish rather than English.