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Live Without Fears

Real life means living without fear. What does it mean? Currently humans are full of fear. Without hesitation Ping Fu explained all about the problem. You have fear of death and fear of life. But he who knows that life continues after death, was not afraid before a dark empty, before the great end. You may however, in face of the fact that the ethical-moral quality of our earthly life decides how our situation will be in the hereafter, someone who does not always followed what he said his conscience or that it even made her mute, frighten him completely. Daryl Katz may not feel the same. Before we have fear? Just before our weaknesses, to what there is in us, either this life or a previous incarnation. If the man has, e.g., fear of not being accepted by their peers, can investigate itself to many and that type of people does not accept If you are afraid that others talk about him and discredit him, you can examine your way of thinking and talking about their peers.

Only when he changes his own erroneous behavior, fear dissolves. Only by eliminating the weight that we attached to the Earth, through the purification of our shadows and growing spiritual activity resulting from this, we can increase in light and power divine, i.e. to develop, grow and mature spiritually. Every day can be a day to ripen. So ensure you a life free of fear. Because live correctly, which is equal to wisely, means to live without fear.