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Monopolies And Oligopolies

It maintains the ban on the creation of monopolies or oligopolies by individuals but, instead, the State guarantees the right to create them where they are, he determined, as “national and collective interest”, ie on the one hand, the State may decide to take over the exclusive of a particular industry, commercial or service sector and eliminate, by way of an express prohibition of the Constitution, any form of competition or participation of individuals in that particular activity or, the other, decide to become an exclusive buyer or recipient of goods or services in a particular branch of industry, trade or provide services which would be forcing companies with business in the to sell their products or services in the price or conditions set by the government …

Media, right to information and practice of journalism. The proposal encourages self-censorship by eliminating the right to secrecy of journalistic sources, also in the same article, written in a grossly general, is in the air the right to privacy in all professions where this is common practice (eg medicine) it will only be possible to invoke this right in those professions to decide the state and the circumstances in which this may determine. Later in the proposal specifies that the access of media to radio spectrum is subject to the issuance of the contents that define the state, by forcing the new constitution to the transmission of contents of “civic education”, which will be determined by the state and being subject to the satisfaction of the criteria in this matter, ie the transmission of all that the State determines that it does not suit your communication or training criteria is expressly prohibited by the Constitution with what will definitely dead and buried freedom of expression, free press and the ability to disagree and to express such dissent by mainstream media..