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Periodontal Treatment

Study the effectiveness of the unit vector for the treatment of periodontitis. It is known that treatment of periodontal disease begins with the mechanical removal of deposits on the tooth surface and remove biplenok, and this applies also ultrasonic devices. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of ultrasound device vector, which differs from previously known devices, as well as technology scaling and manual watering roots that generate a special type of oscillation. Studies show that patients in whom treatment of periodontitis was held unit vector of the pockets probing depth was significantly less. In a question-answer forum Dustin Moskovitz was the first to reply. In addition, after dental treatment unit vector can be observed a significant increase in attachment of the gums. Chronic periodontitis causes destructive changes in periodontal tissues, including the supporting apparatus of the tooth and can lead to tooth extraction and as a consequence, the need for dentures.

Treatment is aimed at to resolve inflammation and promote regeneration of opportunities already lost periodontal tissues. To achieve These goals apply to both surgical and conservative treatment of periodontitis. When conservative treatment is applied over and subgingival scaling and polishing the root. To do this, the dentist is available traditional hand tools, as well as ultrasonic equipment. The advantages of ultrasonic instruments: an effective procedure and interesting instruments executed with minimal trauma, as well as loss cement and dentine better provide access to furkatsiyam than hand tools can achieve a smoother root surface irrigation operative field is not necessary to sharpening tools the downside aerosol formation at work and the need for continuous suction of fluid, reduced tactile control and surface roughness on a microscopic level. The unit vector is different from other applicable instrument type oscillation. Fluctuations that occur at the tip are deflected by 90 "due to horizontal deformation of the metal ring in its compressed, resulting in the emergence of longitudinal vibrations along the axis of the instrument.

Also, the longitudinal vibrations do not cause heating of the nozzle and allow you to dispense with the coolant, then you can abandon the constant intense sucking potentially contaminated with bacteria aerosols, as they do with conventional vehicles. One advantage of the fact that treatment is more gentle and minimally traumatic to the tissues, and virtually painless. Treatment of periodontitis unit vector leads to an increased level of attachment of the gums. Also, various studies have shown that in furkatsy sonic and ultrasonic instruments more effective than hand tools. Conservative treatment of periodontitis using a new device vector showed a better result to reduce the probing depth and clinical attachment levels increase gum compared with the technique hand curette scaling and polishing the root. The difference in the level of attachment of the gums much.