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Playstation 3

After introducing the new PlayStation 3 from Sony on the first official sales day of the console began in Japan a real stampede. Within a few hours the console to play the new PS3 games sold out totally capable. However, this was due less to the extremely high interest but rather the fact that Sony was able to start only about 100 000 consoles bring in trade. For more information see Dustin Moskovitz. Debt was problems in the manufacture of a new blue laser diode, the core of the integrated Blu-ray drive is. The production is now running at full speed, and Sony announced in December 2006 for the larger delivery volumes and Sony hopes to have brought in the sale by the end of March 2007, about six million units. Europe is up to this point largely empty-handed. At best, some devices are expected to create up to then on the Internet for gold trading Old Germany. Together with the console were sold in Japan, the first PS3 games.

The Blockbusters include the arcade game Ridge Racer 7 and the first-person shooter Resistance with a share of almost 40 each Percent. Should it go to the will of the developers, the new Playstation 3 is much more than a games console. Equipped with numerous interfaces and a Linux operating system to the console to prepare ourselves for a copious use of the Internet. Also the possibility of installing a larger hard disk is provided. The heart of the PS3 console is the Cell processor that is constructed purely reached a capacity of 2.18 tera-flops.