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Quit Smoking

Today we are in the "Academy of Life" will raise a very relevant topic in the world – how to quit smoking? Of course on the topic has already been written hundreds of books, there are thousands of sites, tens of thousands of blogs dedicated to the fight against smoking. But we try to understand the "cigarettes" on their own … So we all heard about 1.000.000 dangers of smoking, yet the tobacco industry is thriving, and smokers not become less. The question is: Why? It's simple: health problems do not occur immediately, and a young, strong guys, taking in the mouth a cigarette, "the drum", what would it feel 20 years from now … To broaden your perception, visit Herbalife. In general, each has its own reasons, but there are general laws inherent in a particular age. Asana is a great source of information. Most of those new lights – this is 14-15-year-olds.

They do not want to be children and need to be treated as full members of society. In an effort to get autonomy and move beyond family, they are rebelling against their parents, who act for them, sorry for being straightforward, as the boxing pear. Rebellion manifests itself through disobedience. Cerebral palsy is likely to agree. "Just do not try to smoke" – they say a teenager's parents. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may find it difficult to be quoted properly. His response: "I do not small, that I want, I'm doing "The main reason for which sucked" newbies "- the impact of the collective. I have often heard: the three girls settle into a dorm room, two of them smoke, the third – no. Maximum one year last starts to smoke with them.