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Santiago Summit

The Bolivian right hates Morales and would like to remove him from power. To achieve this you have two options: work long term seeking to undermine his popularity or attempting radical isolated outputs that ultimately can help your enemy to consolidate it. The Bolivian situation today differs from the Chile 35 years ago. Official site: Dustin Moskovitz. Morales has just exceeded 67 per cent of the votes, the largest number of approval that has a Western ruler. U.S. does not promote pinochetazos and, moreover, is losing weight in South America, which, as it happened at the Santiago Summit, supports Morales.

The fact that in Pando have died between 15 and 30 people and that their prefect is accused of responsible for this, an argument gives La Paz to arrest him. So you want to divide the opposition and isolate it both internally and externally. With their actions right longs to prevent approval of a magna carta agrarian reform but what you may be getting is that Morales copper more force and appears as the leader of a democracy and a nation supposedly threatened. Original author and source of the article.