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Silberfisch – A Dangerous Insect

Silverfish, also Lepisma saccharina called, is known for its silver shimmering scales and its streamlined body. Silverfish are photophobia and a few centimeters large insects and only live in warm and humid rooms in the House. Frequently, bathroom, bedroom and the cellars of which are affected. The small insects columns behind wooden bars or behind loose wallpaper usually live in the sewers, and come out only at night. Through your vision, this many people raise great disgust by your silver shining and your 2 button sensor. The creatures themselves are harmless to the human organism and feed mainly on products containing starch or dextrin which is used mainly in adhesives, pastes and hair. If your apartment with silverfish is infested, it is to act quickly. The easiest way is of course an exterminator or chemical agents which make the kill the animal.

But many home remedies have proven and showed in Test trials produce excellent results. Most frequently, talk in the fight by Silberfischen, potatoes. These small strips of sliced or grated in a sheet of paper attract the little crawling creatures by their large share of strength and hiding under potatoes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The next day, need to remove them only and are again going on the silverfish. Is important not that humid and warm rooms several times neatly be aired a day to prevent a further development of the silverfish. Fabian Rauschecker