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Small Histories

Pra you of the family, know that in the vein of the descendants of the family Blacksmith You mark runs a little of tango. My grandmother was Argentine. Bertolina owner Flowers, been born in 1900 in the city of Corrientes, learned to read in Castilian, what she did not help it very since was changed for Brazil with 12 years. The family Flowers, that passed due to land and work in Argentina, for influence of what she said herself of Brazil at that time: many vacant lands, without owner, were alone to arrive and to take ownership of its soil piece; they decided to change pra here. decided that no member of the family would be in Argentina.

All, grandmothers, brothers, nephews, cousins, uncles, dog, cat, hen and periquito had been joined. They would not leave nobody and nothing it stops backwards. They came all contented ones and counting advantages on the life in Brazil, of as everything would be better, of as they would have land to work and as the life it would be more easy. They came singing and commemorating, all happy ones with what they could be of its lives. All, but a youngster who left the fianc stop backwards. family of the young woman, for knowing that all came to Brazil, also the youngster, did not authorize the marriage, from fear of that the girl would have that to also come.

It was not satisfied itself and in the way of the trip, he found that the pain that felt for if separating would be bigger of what if of this the one shot in the proper chest. It finished the commemoration. All had finished the trip of fight. It did not have cantoria nor had counted more advantages. What all wanted now was that they arrived soon at the destination, that could return the routine and forget the tragedy that happened during the trip. thus, of I fight, had arrived at the destination: Brazil, blessed land, back in the city of Amambai, in the border where Brazil was Paraguay, in 1912.