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SPB Energy

The wrap can have a quick impact on the (general) protective immune reactions, it is therefore proved its efficacy in low back pain, neck and back. How does this happen? When we put a compress, we primarily give a powerful impetus to the movement of energy through the channel (the bladder) circulation system. Ping Fu takes a slightly different approach. In this channel are very important for the organism so-called "sympathetic" biologically active points (BAP) "directly" related to all other channels through which circulates energy. Through the "sympathetic" BAT is activated the entire system of rapid response, and as a consequence, there is a general stimulation of the body's defenses, which helps rapid recovery. Of course, this does not mean that neglect the impact of other methods, such as the special orthopedic mattress SPB or medication prescribed by your doctor. Energy mechanism is not exclude, but complements the well-known reflex. Medicated compresses soaked with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, muscle cramps disappeared, normal blood flow in area of the damaged segment. Treatment of compression – it is always a course of treatment.

A single procedure can quickly relieve pain, but usually not enough for a full treatment. Usually you need from 5 to 10 applications. What number is necessary for you, determine the principle: "I put before pain, and one more time." No longer follows. Our body is designed so that any excess as well as insufficient exposure inappropriate, and sometimes even harmful. Harmony of energy balance, metabolism and blood circulation in the body based on the principle of a single "golden mean". After compression can take manual massage and still further to influence some time on the sore spot. Most applications have a common indications: acute conditions and periods of exacerbation of chronic clinical forms of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar degenerative disc disease (cervical "backache", lumbago, lumbodynia, lyumbaishalgiya, sciatica, etc.). Although, for example, bischofite contraindicated in the acute phase of degenerative disc disease. More detail the indications and contraindications to study each application individually. An important advantage of following applications of folk remedies and modern medicines are their high efficiency in the absence of toxicity, ease of use and ability to use at home.