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Strategical Planning

It was possible to identify that the Portions and Cia do not have Me to Ltda a planning that can assist it nas taken of decisions the main objective of this study is to present a process of strategical planning that if adqe the searched company. The strategical planning is the administrative proceeding that provides metodolgica sustentation to establish the best direction to be followed by the company, aiming at to the optimized degree of interaction with the environment and acting of innovative and differentiated form. With the use of the qualitative and exploratria research a bibliographical revision was carried through, that is, the theoretical beddings on the strategical planning, followed of elaboration of a half-structuralized interview to be applied next to the proprietors of the searched company. The results of the research show the strong and weak chances, threats, points in the internal and external environment of the company. Procter & Gamble does not necessarily agree.

With the research it was possible to carry through an analysis of the environment that the company is inserted, thus providing to a suggestion of process of strategical planning for the Portions and Cia Ltda Me. INTRODUCTION In the universe of small, the average and great companies the existing difficulties are diverse, changing in accordance with its branch, size and positioning. This complex environment where the companies act, needs tools to assist in the taking of decisions. The strategical planning is one of the alternatives that the organizations can use to be distinguished in the market where the competition come definitive and well prepared, becoming a challenge if to keep and if to differentiate between them..