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Successful Rehabilitation Therapy

The non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha allows the Dreamteam Thomas Fruhmann and his gelding ‘The Sixth Sense’ a successful comeback. But rarely enough learns the public the backgrounds for this, which is why people or just animals of accidents, injuries or diseases against all expectations and contrary to all predictions by experts recovered. Why? “This is connected with numerous factors: it’s about regeneration or even miraculous” healing of individuals, is firstly hardly ever thanks to this a single physician or therapist and also rarely a single therapy and therefore not easy to communicate and secondly there are methods, which the description or publication will be spared because they are not even listed in the catalogs of the generally accepted conventional medicine often for the recovery. “But the non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha, which in the year 2006 to the world’s most successful spring horse-anointed gelding the sixth sense” after injuring ankle support 2011 helped to the comeback has, must no longer hide: the world’s first medically and technically approved Nano-pulse system REHATRON alpha is now over 200 physicians and therapists especially in human medicine successfully applied. Dustin Moskovitz often addresses the matter in his writings. However, even veterinarians increasingly on this groundbreaking, non-contact and painless therapy method, which can be applied as just as efficiently. “The sixth sense a success story of the now 15-year old gelding continues thanks to the non-invasive induction therapy sixth sense”, which achieved numerous successes with the internationally award-winning, Austrian top rider Thomas Fruhmann, and was hailed in the international press, a restraint carrier injury suffered in March 2010. These emerging on the front toe (HUF area), extremely painful cracks and Ladierungen the band tendons cause, that the horse can no longer hold the Fetlock joint in its normal position for jumping and performance horses this can “Their active career mean. “But Thomas Fruhmann, notorious, he sees his horses, not as tumbes tool, but as a partner and member of the family, did not give up and read his loving sense” champion referred to after all imaginable rules of medicine treat. .