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Experts rely on hyaluronic acid and self motivation Neu-Isenburg, April, 2010 osteoarthritis is the most common chronic joint disease and will further gain in importance with regard to the increasing aging of our society. On this occasion, in January 2010, well-known experts from science and research discussed the question: How can osteoarthritis patients get their disease in the long term in the handle? In focus: hyaluronic acid and self motivation. You suffer from swelling, pain and movement restrictions, and yet often shy away from going to the doctor. \”\” Professor Dr. Thomas Horstmann, specialist for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery, sports medicine and chief physician at the medical Park bad Wiessee St.

Hubertus, reported: most osteoarthritis patients have their grievances \”wait many since half a year or even longer exist. therefore, because they are afraid of an operation\”, suggested Dr. Knud Leonhardt, established orthopedic surgeon and Olympic physician of the German track and field team from Schwarzenberg. \”Psychologist Dr. Maja Storch knows more reasons: limitations of the movement apparatus are classified as not so important.\” The project manager of ZRM research at the University of Zurich next: also, many people take age-related affliction as God-given. In addition, the people not sufficiently informed is that cheap, you can influence the progression of osteoarthritis at early treatment.\” Osteoarthritis management with syringe, sports and motivation also Joachim Merk, sports scientists and physical therapist from Tubingen, criticized the prevailing lack of information: If no consultation is carried out, the solution to the conservation is for many. A vicious circle, because then precedes the disease faster.\” Stresses the scientific staff of the accident hospital Tubingen and lecturer for sports fans of the school for physiotherapy: the muscles must be strong, otherwise, the stability of the joint is always bad and the wear further accelerates.\” Also for Professor Horstmann, physiotherapy is essential treatment component of modern management of osteoarthritis: the acute stage is first about pain reduction with such as diclofenac or ibuprofen.