There are wonderful-sounding name for small newborn girls and boys, which selecting makes not only the parents, but sometimes also very close family member enjoy information to given geographical name. But in addition to this joy but so many almost – couple frowns sometimes strong, when it comes to the question of “my child may have a geographical name?”. A legitimate question, than is allowed in Germany not everything what it means name, and so it may be quite a plentiful confusion. Alban, Carmen, Board or Cajetano? Certainly not just traditional German given name, but always popular name for a child. Allowed or not allowed, the slightly modified Gretchen question is here. A little soothing note at this point: Yes, quite geographical given name are allowed, even with the condition of a second first name. In principle the competent Registrar for the registration of the child decides whether the chosen name could harm the well-being of the child or the German Jurisdiction here supplies a large bar. Hardly an end this case with names like Clyde is Errol (a Scottish place name), Teresa (an island apart from Santorini) or also Lydia (dating back to an ancient Greek landscape in modern-day Turkey) (origin is a Scottish River here).

But would parents then Montana, Kenya or Nepomuk and Lachlan call her baby in Germany, it could give ample discussion before the Registrar. It reveals that the choice of a name on the basis of geographical and historical level always very easy bailouts are not. More clarity on this important subject is Advisor, in addition to a vast selection of given name for girls and boys, under / give and so quite incidentally also the legal basis in relation to the name of the child’s learning.