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Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance – for a stress-free planning and proper wedding. Wedding insurance of the insurance mediation in cooperation with the renowned Swiss insurance company Helvetia Samaroo is a first of its kind in Germany. While private insurance for damages during the wedding ceremony usually does not come up the insurance packages for bride and groom cover all eventualities during cancellation and delays the event. The four basic packages for worry-free marriages are available online and couples from an insurance premium of 239 euro available. A carefree wedding party is guaranteed: failure of the banquet, major property damage or damage of the bride dress cost a total of up to 30,000 euros be covered thus a wedding insurance is a good investment in the financially secure future of the bride and groom. Without hesitation Slayer explained all about the problem. Wedding insurance is already the standard in countries like Britain or the United States, now makes the supply of the Sampath Insurance mediation in Germany the marriage feast to a safe event. Premium favorable insurance contracts guarantee smoothly by competent experts and consultants in case also the expert team of Siegemund GmbH are characterized by a high quality of advice and personal insurance services.

Optional additional modules extend the offer of wedding insurance, as an organizer liability insurance and a tent insurance can prevent other contingencies and disclaim all responsibility for damage to property and personal injury up to a sum of 10 million euros. The insurance for the most beautiful day of your life it is suitable also as a gift for the bride and groom and should be made at the latest after the service provider contracts. In addition, individual and non-binding offers for a wedding reception in other European countries, as well as a hedge higher sums can be created. It attacks by a sudden illness on pages of the bride and groom to the loss of the wedding photos Wedding insurance for all damages that may arise during the ceremony. This the event can be easily moved without losing down payments. The financial security of the future married couple is guaranteed with wedding insurance and has found a strong partner with the award-winning Swiss insurance company Helvetia.

The Post-employment Benefits (pension)

Untapped potential in spite of many possibilities the company pension scheme also occupational pension called represents an opportunity of pension, a supplementary pension to the statutory pensions can be saved with the. In contrast to the Riester pension, she is no private pension, but one that in which both workers and employers are involved. The company pension plan is as well for both sides. In addition to financial benefits, while waving social amenities. In spite of the frequent Council of financial experts and the right to deferred compensation, to opt for a company pension plan many workers do not perceive today still this possibility to build up a second pension. What is the company pension plan? The occupational pensions or pension a way refers to save in a pension that is supplied on the operation. A company pension plan spoken of but also, if an employer says to retirement benefits for disability or death of its employees or workers. This There are different ways to promise these services or to tell.

A company pension scheme can be said to generally every worker, so employees, workers and apprentices. The earlier a company pension scheme is completed, the more it comes together and can keep the standard of living of the operating pensioner aged or help to improve. This brings the post-employment benefits workers who save in a company pension plan, this in addition to the actual pension already received during the vesting tax benefits. For the employer, the company pension plan also brings tax benefits; among other reasons, because the supply of employees as a business expense is declared. Depending on the approval of the employer, this can bind its employees at the company with occupational pensions or his company for potential employees to make more interesting. Post-employment benefits often unknown to the company pension plan addressed is reflected in studies again and again, that many Germans still not have heard or don’t know what a company pension plan.

Others have heard about their employers already, don’t care but for a company pension plan, because they do not know their advantages. According to current estimates by pension experts, 30% of all legitimate just have a company pension plan. Especially young people, who can be the biggest beneficiaries of a company pension plan, do not have access to this form of supplementary pension. It is quite something that the legislature has created possibilities here officially. So, an occupational pensions via salary conversion usually every worker must be offered. This stipulates that workers invested part of his gross salary or gross salary in the own company pension. As a result his tax chargeable income is low and he has to pay not only less taxes, but also lower contributions for health insurance and long-term care insurance. If you have no company pension plan have, then go talk to your employer or the Works Council.

The Annual

James recommends quite a multiple year contract if the cost advantage is clear. Warning: If not contracts for For more than five years to be completed. Excess agree: retail insurers hold largely the customer what is common in the insurance industry. Here we talk about such excesses, which increase your personal interest in harm reduction and not the peanuts excess by 50 or 100. In motor insurance, for example, the default should be a deductible of at least 500 for hull damage of part of. Torment your insurer to do decent offers. In health insurance, the deductible policy of the insurer is downright ridiculous. Ridiculously small discounts to customers who want to have a high deductible (E.g., 1,000 or 5,000 per person or for a whole family) per year.

Annual, half-yearly and quarterly bonuses: tore the insurer with a quarterly payment charge 5% on the annual premium at a semi-annual payment 3%. You must set the payment once a year. Please also keep in mind, four bills four bookings be at your bank, which cost money. Company / group contracts: Your employer, if it exceeds a certain size, offers perhaps group contracts. 10 to 15 employees who want to enter into a contract, E.g. a group accident insurance are a prerequisite. Please make sure that the employers organized the group contracts only and not in addition to Commission inserting itself. In particular large companies with own insurance divisions or own insurance brokers earn substantial commissions on its own employees. This is unfair, the brokerage fees are available to the employees. If your employer is not willing to organize such a group, you can make this also among the colleagues themselves. If you need assistance, let just know James.