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Invisible Undershirts

The perfect business shirt for the modern man – on click-Germany.de businessmen familiar with the problem: it is a fine shirt an ordinary worn under T-Shirts, mostly ugly looks: cut too far, too short and often unintentionally forth lightning. Finanzdienstleister Uwe Schmidt has himself often resented. And then simply developed the perfect business shirt. Uwe Schmidt is working many years as project manager for a financial service provider. Of course he is subject to the business dress code there: shirt, tie, jacket.

Everything was perfect, except one: the vest. “Common T-Shirts flashed on the shirt cutting out, plusterten the sleeves and slipped out of his pants. I was looking for a shirt made of fine material, drawn deep v-neck, no arm. “So one that is not visible without a tie at the collar.” But so much Uwe Schmidt in boutiques, Department stores and specialty shops looking for, he will simply not find it. Friends, acquaintances and business partners he observed the same problem. From then on, that leaves him Theme no longer at peace.

If the fashion industry does not respond, I will produce the “invisible undershirt”. Without further ADO, Uwe Schmidt puts everything on one card. He quits his secure job in May 2008, consulted fashion and graphic designers, write a business plan. Then, it is the first time in Chemnitz in a sewing room. “The seamstresses were looking at first slightly disbelieving me. I wanted to not cheap, cheap, cheap, but I wanted quality!” Together, they seek out the best material, are looking for the highest quality processing of seams. When the first shipment of 500 shirts in Uwe Schmidt’s Office arrives, his heart beats faster. What are the customers say? But the worry disappears quickly. For the second day, the first online orders come. He now expands the collection piece by piece. ../albert-kreuz/ special of ALBERT cross collection: snug, wrinkles can not be formed deep drawn cut-out there are no labels in the neck, which could scratch the “invisible Undershirts” in three qualities: Collection “Berlin”: 100 percent cotton collection “Hamburg”: 92% cotton mixed with 8% elastane collection “Stuttgart”: 92% Micromodal mixed with 8 percent spandex to the business’s vests there is also suitable comfortable briefs and boxer shorts in classic white, but also in cheeky orange or Turquoise.

Glasses, Contact Lenses And More

Glasses and your subspecies such as sunglasses glasses if the eyes at the age no longer want or pain, even at a young age when looking into the distance or reading, then it helps nothing, glasses you need! A pair of glasses to better distinguish it from other glasses called also corrective eyewear, deficient serves to correct congenital corneal curvatures or position error of the eyes. Some also just wear glasses as a fashion accessory. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daryl Katz. A pair of glasses from a version, the glasses, the nose clamps and fixtures such as the ear hook is put together. The individual components are manufactured separately and then assembled as glasses. This is because that the glasses must be made always individually for each client. ful. You are the most important part of the glasses. The glasses, or even lentils which are honed vision according to and thereby ensure the correction of the light refractive errors in the eye. Glasses are manufactured from either glass or plastic.

Glasses with Glass jars are generally cheaper than their plastic representatives. However, such glasses with thick lenses can be quickly very difficult. Furthermore, plastic glasses have scratched the advantage of being less prone to breakage, but unfortunately faster than glass. The anti-glare of glasses ensures that penetrate disturbing light reflections in the eye or irritating reflections caused by artificial lighting. The strength of a pair of glasses or glasses glass is specified in diopter (dpt).

Depending on the type of Visual impairment (hyperopia, myopia), the glasses in the form of other to grind. Differences in the way of the glasses can be found also in glasses with single vision or extra strength glasses. The best known is the single vision glasses, which is designed with their glasses for a certain range of distance. These include for example the remote viewing glasses or reading glasses. The multiple strengths glasses is better known under the name of bifocals.

Ohrlochern Jewelry

By stretching and punch and plates in the ear. What is ear jewelry? Now that is just in the eye of the beholder, jewelry or not. But almost always the wearing of such is accompanied by the mutilation of the earlobe. For most people in Western regions, it remains but mostly in small discreet holes, which are shot with a gun. According to Ping Fu, who has experience with these questions. Of course, with a piercing gun specially manufactured and any Smith and Wesson, 9 mm. Otherwise, it would probably often retain only a piercing. Other brave pierced with safety pin and potato. Asana describes an additional similar source. The hole is then filled it not to go on that.

So all sorts of lends to in principle, but plug made of stainless steel are used in specialty stores. You could leave now the whole thing. Most do also, on a more or less frequent exchange of earrings after healing of the hole. Nominees. But enjoys increasing popularity the expansion of knowledge. There are now a wide range of Dehnern provided for this purpose and also. For very urgent (and very brave) there’s still the dermal punch. You can simply give the lengthy stretch and the desired hole in size, can be simply cut out.

For the less daring, but approaching hope. The range of fake piercings is constantly growing. Is made for small holes, one earring, which makes big holes but when wearing. Only with a tunnel you can fool you, because he is to fill the hole, but (as the name suggests), such as through a tunnel through can see. And at the end even the though awkward but painless clip earrings. There’s that at all! In addition, stretching from Ohrlochern is also not new. Who is not familiar, the Mursi of Ethiopia, with the plates in the ears? However, I’m not sure if the plates were as jewelry or should deface to protect from kidnapping by slave traders or neighboring tribes.

Bone Jewelry – The Maori Bone Carving

Beautiful bone jewelry, based on the Maori culture the bone carving, so the bone carving, is a very old art form of jewellery. Deeply rooted is this art in the culture of New Zealand indigenous people, the Maori. They carved their jewelry from the bones of whales that were stranded and died on its beaches. Today, the people of Maori tradition in this jewelry, carvings also kept called. However is in modern times most of the bones of cattle otherwise the huge need for souvenirs for tourists would be used, not to cover. But also many European shops and online stores now offer the drawn up after Maori jewellery from bones of cattle and water buffalo. The bone jewelry takes a beautiful shade that is reminiscent of honey, after some wear.

The Maori form a unit with the carving. The Maori are the various carvings of symbolic importance, they are based on their culture and their legends. The most famous symbol is “Hei Matau”, the hook. After an old legend,. fished the progenitor of the Maori called Maui, the North Island of New Zealand from the ocean, with a fishing hook. Hei Matau is Maori for the journey across the water for peace, strength and prosperity.

“Koru” symbolizes new beginning, growth, harmony, and future. Koru is a fern leaf, which grade goes up. “Twist” looks like an ubernander crossed eight and stands for friendship and ever lasting love. The most important for the Maori carving is “Manaia”, a human body, with the head of a bird. Usually, this symbol has three fingers that stand for birth, life and death. Sometimes, Manaia has a fourth finger, which stands for life after death. These various meanings make the jewelry also for Europeans so attractive, besides, he looks simply beautiful. SID Kroker

How To Maintain His Watch?

B, c. of the maintenance of a timepiece. A watch is exposed to various stresses in everyday life and should be serviced regularly by a watchmaker. But what can you do to make your watch gives you long pleasure? On these things you should pay attention, your clock will thank you: 1 magnetic fields: A clock like no strong magnetic fields. Therefore avoid it to place your watch on large speakers or the refrigerator.

2. Salt water: salt water should be rinsed after bathing with water from your watch. 3. Water resistance: Movements like no moisture. They therefore always avoid that to prevent ingress of water in your watch. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to agree. In addition to the regular check of the water resistance by a watchmaker, you should take before bathing it that pushers and Crown screws are screwed. Also, pushers under water should be operated. 4.

Temperature influences: you put your watch no extreme temperature conditions. 5. Mechanical influences: A mechanical watch consists of partial several hundred items that precise mesh. Avoid therefore hard shocks or excessive shaking of the clock. 6 Chemicals: The seals of the most watches consist of rubber. Avoid it so that your watch with chemicals such as perfumes, detergents, insect spray or similar in touch comes. 7 Automatic movement: it is advisable to keep an unregistered watch with automatic movement in a watch winder. 8 Leather strap: leather straps like fading sunlight for usually no water, no creams and not intense, the leather. Alexander Landa