The Christmas song by Kramer ‘ bring a little love is now represented in the Indonesian radio and evolved into a popular Christmas song that Kramer alias Frank Ruhmann currently in the Indonesian charts! Kramer-a success internationally… The music by Kramer Frank Ruhmann alias goes in the ear and stays in the ear and not only in Germany. because the language of music is endless. The Christmas song by Kramer “Get a little love” is now represented in the Indonesian radio and is becoming a popular Christmas song, what is so surprising as this country celebrates little Christmas, because the majority of the population there is Muslim. “Get a little love” meets the taste of the quiet time and this cross-culture.

The song by Kramer is been catapulted after a few broadcasts on the radio the listeners in the Indonesian radio. Indonesia is a country of 240 million people. With this extraordinary success has also Kramer not counting itself is surprised and delighted. The Christmas song “Bring a little love” by Kramer alias Frank Ruhmann, even on his own website which is heard, is it characteristic, each other love and attention and to accept. Exactly this message from Kramer is limitless. We are pleased for and with Kramer that the music and message of Frank Ruhmann meets world’s recognition and are convinced that “Bring a little love” is only the beginning of an international career. The single will be released as the next “I believe” from the album “Coming home” in Indonesia and we expect a similar success with “get a little love”