In history there have been many diseases and problems that have affected the health of people in different stages of life and focusing on the disease in certain parts of the body, so many companies have focused their efforts on the study of specific topics on health and medicine in order to meet the needs that arise in the presence of disease, pain or abnormalities in the normal development of certain aspects of the health of some people, thus able to generate specific knowledge in medicine to facilitate the treatment of some points of special attention. A clear example of what transpired in the previous paragraph is pediatrics, one of the many branches of medicine, which developed as a specialty item to address some specific field of health as it is all related to the diseases of children, in addition to the study and application of knowledge that promote proper growth of infants. So with the development of this branch is able to provide special attention to a group of people are as vulnerable as small. Faced with an issue of such importance it should go a bit further on pediatrics, so this specialty that emerged in the twentieth century, their field of study focused on the various features that should have a normal child in its development, the idea that by presenting something different to the normal functioning could classify the specific problem and be able to meet fully the presence of the anomaly and have established the necessary procedures to provide optimal care for children. Pediatrics requires of its practitioners the ability to detect the presence of congenital diseases, ie those that are present in children from pre birth because of hereditary factors to treat them as soon as possible and avoid the generation of the minimal impact . Among the various congenital diseases among the most are treated in the pediatric heart disease, phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism.

Another point of attention required in the practice of pediatric infectious diseases are, which are most present in the group of children, but rather than extraneous factors in the environment, are presented by the carelessness of parents, since this type of diseases are preventable by simple vaccination, immunization, which can be perfectly applied by an expert of Pediatrics. . Dustin Moskovitz has plenty of information regarding this issue.