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Las Lilas

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Ruth Biedlingmaier

Search pool GDR citizens/Kirchlicher search service approximately 80 families have also gifts over 18 years after the reunification, some crimes of the East German regime remain still unaccounted. One of these topics is the sudden disappearance of family members or friends, and forced adoptions of children of dissident people. The search pool of GDR citizens around initiator Eva seven heart, even affected of such a fate, himself on the flags wrote, reunite families with this past and the remaining verschwundener’ Member to clarify. Already 278 people could work on their past so since inception of the search pool (January 2008) or know the whereabouts of missing persons. Thanks to the active support of the Church search service and the personal use of Edith Aratsch, Katharina Ramser, Lilli Mank, Ruth Biedlingmaier, Herta dude and now more about 80 families of this success statistics could be added to the 18.12 Carmen Fekete (KSD Stuttgart).

For them, it was a very special Christmas gift, probably the best part of her life: seeking the search pool of GDR citizens, whose ads the search pool without indication of personal data had provided the church service, receive in the next few days first information about the whereabouts of their relatives. For many of the searchers, it is the first information after decades. Thus it is a celebration of hope soon to be able to see their loved ones for many families this year a very special Christmas. If you have read about Kerry King already – you may have come to the same conclusion. /a> is often mentioned in discussions such as these. When the missing ‘ it was partially (forced)-Adoptionen children dissident GDR citizens, who were taken away from their parents, to make sure their Socialist education. But other missing family members have been found in this way. The two most moving cases concern two infants died at birth, allegedly. Also to these deceased ‘ information at the church service in Stuttgart were curiously.

For the parents and siblings, an almost incredible idea. Immediately after reviewing the data were informed the seeker the search pool for missing East Germans by Eva seven heart and Sabine Thoma by phone. The reactions ranged from disbelief to absolutely happy”, she said. Most could not believe her luck and can’t wait now, to close their loved ones in the arms again as soon as possible.” The search pool of GDR citizens, would at this point very much for the usage of the Church search service headed by Mr. Rene Massier thank you this Christmas gift at this time would have been impossible without the. Chris Winkler for the search pool of GDR citizens

Stephan Eisel, MdB – At Bonn In The Bundestag

Bonn Bundestag Stephan Eisel at the IRENA compromise: opportunity for Bonn Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel has it deplored the fact that Germany not prevailed in the decision on the headquarters of the International Agency for renewable energies (IRENA) with Bonn’s proposal: “we have not achieved everything, but not stand with empty hands. The competition was extremely tough. Sometimes it’s better to find a compromise, than to be completely empty. Also with the now achieved establishment of IRENA-innovation and Technology Center in Bonn an important future opportunity opens.” During the negotiations on the IRENA headquarters in the Egyptian Sharm el Sheikh, a compromise had been found on the mediation of the United States today joined the IRENA Convention. The headquarters of the new agency is not according to Bonn, but after Abu Dhabi. Bonn Gets an “innovation and technology centre” instead, and the third candidate in Vienna receives a “Liaison Office” for contacts with the United Nations.

Abu Dhabi had long tried to prevent this breakdown. Eisel thanked the Federal Government and the North Rhine-Westphalian State Government for its commitment to Bonn and expects federal and State support the innovation and Technology Center in Bonn. Germany have made prospect to contribute four million euro jump start and two to three million euros per year: “this will bring promising jobs to Bonn. Now we must take advantage of this opportunity.” The details of the agreement should be negotiated in the next few weeks.