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Stephan Eisel, MdB – At Bonn In The Bundestag

Bonn Bundestag Stephan Eisel at the IRENA compromise: opportunity for Bonn Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel has it deplored the fact that Germany not prevailed in the decision on the headquarters of the International Agency for renewable energies (IRENA) with Bonn’s proposal: “we have not achieved everything, but not stand with empty hands. The competition was extremely tough. Sometimes it’s better to find a compromise, than to be completely empty. Also with the now achieved establishment of IRENA-innovation and Technology Center in Bonn an important future opportunity opens.” During the negotiations on the IRENA headquarters in the Egyptian Sharm el Sheikh, a compromise had been found on the mediation of the United States today joined the IRENA Convention. The headquarters of the new agency is not according to Bonn, but after Abu Dhabi. Bonn Gets an “innovation and technology centre” instead, and the third candidate in Vienna receives a “Liaison Office” for contacts with the United Nations.

Abu Dhabi had long tried to prevent this breakdown. Eisel thanked the Federal Government and the North Rhine-Westphalian State Government for its commitment to Bonn and expects federal and State support the innovation and Technology Center in Bonn. Germany have made prospect to contribute four million euro jump start and two to three million euros per year: “this will bring promising jobs to Bonn. Now we must take advantage of this opportunity.” The details of the agreement should be negotiated in the next few weeks.

Juan Carlos Sanchez

The Victorian has been presented as the new coach of Real Madrid. It has a contract for the next two seasons with the white club. He hoped to be able to get titles with one of the best budgets. Pablo Laso, which Wednesday was presented as the new coach of Real Madrid for the next two years, made it clear has no doubt about its purpose in the white club: build a team, above individualities, which stands out for its speed and aggressiveness dnsiva. We have to be a very aggressive team in dnsa so that we can run, because if with the players we have we are not fast, if we are predictable, we will not remove all the advantage we have with the players we have, said Laso. The Vitoria acknowledged, in this sense, that you are obsessed with the idea of forming a team able to capture on the track and transmit to fans the traditional values of Real Madrid, the effort and sacrifice.

An obsession for me is to make a good team, regardless of the players that we have. Thats my obsession, transmitting equipment that works and that strives, to express the values of the Cristiano in the field, added the new white coach. For this purpose, Pablo Laso should form a template which, as acknowledged, at the moment there is excess Interior men, but without hurry, since there are still three months for the first game and it already has a group capable of competing with any. We now have a very large indoor players battery and abroad we are fairer. This is something which we must work, but I repeat, right now, we could compete with anyone, he added.

To make the template, the new Real Madrid coach will, as stated by the director of the section, Juan Carlos Sanchez, with one of five or six highest budgets, as maximum the seventh European basketball. A responsibility that does not intimidate new white coach, convinced of their ability to cope with the demands of a club as the Real Madrid, which already campaigned as a player between 1995 and 1997. If I have chosen it means that after the conversations that we have had have you thought that I am the right person, said Laso, that it downplayed the alleged lack of experience that are blamed from some sectors. Some speak of experience and I speak of capacity. Most importantly feel capable of doing things, added the preparer, who don’t want to mark any minimum in your new journey in the Madrid club. If we won the Supercup, will want to win the Cup, then the League and then the Euroleague, the maximum is wanting to win everything, it will be difficult, but we are going to try, said Laso. Ambition with which the new coach wants to win to the fans of Real Madrid, which has not hesitated to show their discontent with the direction of the section, after a campaign full of vicissitudes in recent months. I know the fans of Real Madrid and when a hobby is concerned it is good, because it means that cares about the team, and I am convinced that people will want to come to see this team and support this team, concluded Laso. Source of the news: Pablo Laso wants a Real Madrid faster and more aggressive

Advent, Advent, A Light Burns. First One, Then Two, Then Three

In a week, it’s time. In Pirna near Dresden, the first social Christmas market takes place. Mr Michael Geisler, Landrat of Sonnenstein will open on December 12th, 2009 at 14:00 h officially the Christmas market Pirna and patron of the event. Traditionally, this is done with the cutting of a tunnel, which is kindly provided by country bakery of Schmidt in Cunnersdorf. Even Santa Claus and the snow Queen will glow bring children’s eyes on December 12 and 13 and for a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Colorful goings-on at 3. advent from 14.00 h till 19.00 h at Sonnenstein on the Varkausring 108.

On both days of the 3rd advent expected visitors to the Christmas market Sonnenstein a colourful goings-on on more than 10 stalls in the Interior and exterior of the Varkausringes 108. for many small and large surprises is taken care of, so the organizers. All children, parents and grandparents offers a varied stage programme, Christmas crafting offers, magical fairy hour, singing and much more. For the physical well-being is taken care of. With the Christmas market Sonnenstein on December 12-13, 2009 the foundation stone for a beautiful tradition should be. The Christmas market Sonnenstein it aims to to allow the Pirnaern to a contemplative and peaceful in anticipation of the Christmas season and to lay the groundwork for a beautiful tradition that will continue in the coming years. Because it is a social Christmas market, the entrance is of course free and the prices for drinks and food cheap. The numerous large and small visitors will have also have the one or the other way to make a gift or a Christmas treat yourself or buy.

This week all the hard-working helpers have the last chance to make a small donation in the form of a gift in the Varkausring 108, that advent to the visitors of the market will be passed on to the 3rd. All participating institutions with great commitment the Christmas market Sonnenstein in life called, the most December 12-13, 2009 each from 14.00 h 19.00 h for the first time welcomes its visitors. All those involved are very excited about and enjoy a Merry get-together in advent. Thank at this point all hardworking volunteers and supporters of the project ever for their extraordinary dedication. Ms. Carola Schaschek questions can be answered more like to see.

Increasing Child Poverty In Germany

Poverty in rich countries: one in three children is poor in the Federal Republic of Germany the rising child poverty in Germany frightening proportions. Actually unthinkable in a country of prosperity like Germany and yet true. Rising unemployment, rising prices and Harz IV have a not inconsiderable share it. Donations alone can relieve only the roughest emergency. Dustin Moskovitz is full of insight into the issues. Children who have not even enough warm clothing for the winter and whose Eltern have no money for lunch. There is the specially decorated tables where children can get a hot meal, not in sufficient number. Able to absorb only a small part of the emergency.

The harsh reality outside is cruel, and those in need are those who can least defend themselves once again. Long, politics and society to take action are called. A business country like Germany with a high worth living can neither morally nor otherwise afford that here children go hungry and have no adequate environment available. After all are we all called upon to make our contribution. Whether it be through donations to the relevant institutions or through simple emphasized, both effective. Only one won’t work at all, look the other way! Hate crime and bitter adults, so the balance of today’s child-poverty in Germany could look like in a few years. A frightening thought, but not outlandish. Lack of future prospects and motivational perspectives allow such negative views.

Social descent and stark contrasts between those who have everything and those who do not even have the minimum to life, are the result. Child poverty in Germany is an alarming condition that not alone as such should be understanding, but clearly has a disturbing line in the structures of our society. These children can be seen not isolated. They reflect a part of our country, a part of our social State in the form of blatant. We see them on the streets and on the playgrounds. Later we take as apprenticeships outreach Young people, looking for work, ideally at work or on the social services again. Who knows exactly? The rising child poverty in Germany concerns all of us. Donating not only money, but give courage and hope and especially give these children a real chance.

Solution Competence

So you will not solve the great challenge of the present and future about the solution competence in politics: with apparent solutions, accountant tricks, polishing of statistics, tinkering with symptoms is just zero. Who really wants to improve, you must eliminate the real causes of the problems. What can you see everything, if you look through the straw on the serene sky: a blue stain, white or grey and much in between. And it does not matter, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Read more from Ping Fu to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And so it goes also when you look with the straw in our world: cheer them every hour and are worried at the same time, our future, economic and other prophets, and with them the media.

Today’s good, tomorrow bad, in the morning, at midday, rising, falling, evening sideways blah, until the ink runs out the pot. If it was less by 90 percent, it would be too much still to 90 percent. At least for those who on the sophisticated thoughts come contemporaries, on meaningful, sustainable information Value to set. History teaches, if the harvest is good, then you must start with the seed. It just changes when change behaviour, procedures or new possibilities open up by new inventions.

And that takes time usually. Often, this is also a matter of decades, for example, the corporate culture in a company to change. With apparent solutions, accountant tricks, polishing of statistics, tinkering with symptoms is just zero. Who really wants to improve, you must eliminate the real causes of the problems. Once, it was somewhere between Europe and Asia on the plane, I got an older Chinese in the conversation. We talked about wealth and poverty as the wise man was serious and said you have to ask five times why, to reach the true cause – and, you have dry to create the swamp of often wrongly acquired privileges – even if the privilege Knights defend the marshes with claw with their lobbyists.” In other words: It would be the advisable sometimes Straw to put aside and look to focus on the essential: what are the overall objectives and the really important questions? A non-bureaucratic management without a useless diversification and without duplication or the genuflection before nursemaid and beneficiaries? Effectively eliminate poverty or that make rich richer? Prevent the extinction of the fish in the sea or allow overfishing? People who can live in 200 years on this planet or the overexploitation of nature continue? Tolerate solidarity with billions or the excess of the cheaters? Stop the cruelty or not jeopardise the income of animal tormentors? And, it retains the usual ritual of the problem solution? After years tug of war by mostly uninvolved with the lobbyists, there is a hard-won compromise proposal: a little less cruelty, so that the animal torturer must not suffer too much. Robert Lackner