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The Same

Shock. This to me even in my worst nightmare did not could dream of. I quickly began to head to touch options and see how my left stopped tow truck. I got out and asked the driver if he could bring me home. He phoned the head and after Talk loaded my car and we drove home to me.

When we arrived, the car was lowered, and he gave me a business card and said that if you want to repair the car, you can simply call. But I was not before. A couple of days I have traveled on the subway, I thought where the car repaired. Familiar guys said that the car will not start because the starter, the type with four-something is not right. So I decided to look for in an Internet starter, and along with car wash, where you can change it.

Then my eye fell on one site – e-shop will spare his address seemed familiar. I thought of evakuatorschika, more about the business card he gave me, and looked really, it was the same site that is listed on business cards. Without thinking I decided to call. The first thing I decided to learn about the starter, he was in there. Then I asked if he could install it right away, I was told that the problems in this no. I told him that their tow truck already drove me there responded that remember and just told me to wait. After 10 minutes came back the same person, loaded, and drove (by the way, I live 10 minutes away from this place). The service took me quite cordially. Immediately drove the car and started. While the master worked, we talked with the chief of service centers. I told him I do with computers, but he said he just needed a man. I am personally acquainted with the store manager and he said that will be happy to take me in his team. But at that moment I had a job and I apologized, declined. He reacted to this understanding, and said that for me the doors are always open. While we talked, my car had to repair, to have even changed the oil. Paid off, I thanked everyone and happily went home. But this is not the end. A few weeks later there was a little trouble – I got fired. The cause is not named, just requested to release workplace. I, in principle, without much hesitation, and entered. A couple of days I was thinking what to do, then remembered the words of Armand (the director of the store of spare parts) and just called his number. The next day I went to a new work. So now I'm helping those who have helped me. If anyone is interested, here's the web address of the store