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The Speed

and 6:15 a.m. In the holiday day and week ends he is equal, although some times I end up reading and I return to fall slept (I have a rule: if I cannot read 3 pages with the speed that always I have, then it is that I have much I sound). I extinguish the alarm, breathing immediately deeply, raise the legs of way like of I jump I touch the floor with my two feet, I never do that of a foot before and another one later. I go to closet and I select the shirt of the day, soon to the bath and beginning to shower, I wash the teeth to me and I leave the quarter to read emails, to review the news and to do a coffee to me. But all this process happens like in autopilot. I do not have voices within me that say to me that to do, not even positive voices.

I cannot say that every morning is a self-discipline act because it is an act of conditional answer. It is as if my mind was congealed, while my subconscious mind handled my body. When the alarm sounds in the morning, it acted like the dog of Pavlov. One becomes difficult for me not to wake up to me when the alarm sounds. The question is How to go from scene 1 to scene 2? First we see how people normally attack east problem, and which I consider it incorrect (because I had tried it thus also). The incorrect route is to try to use your conscious and your force of will for levantarte every day. That can work days but, we are going to be clear and we are honest: always our mind would work with excuses not to work when the alarm sounds. That decision that takings when the alarm sounds is not indeed rightest than would take your mind under those conditions.