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Thus Hotels

'Yes, do not need anyone else what? Maybe you're used to my father that someone scratched his heels for a night? " (Nikolai Gogol. Dead Souls) Thus, the classification of hotels. After all, what distinguishes a good hotel from a high? Certainly not at 'stardom'. It happens that the present spools for the classification of hotels there are also some among the 'treshek' and 'Quartet' is not worse than the best 'fives'. Can be attributed to his de luxe, can generally be pointedly not to hang the stars on the facade? Is not the case. High Hotel class effect in the presence of fine service. Some little things that, when their foreign stealth create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and unobtrusive attention to each client.

In the directory there is no word on whether that at the entrance offers a heated towel to wipe his hands, and the pool a special girl with a soft cloth protret your sunglasses. Or, say that in the lobby every morning served champagne and caviar. Wake up in the morning after a stormy night, held, nakinesh terry robe and carefully holding on to the stenochki the sounds of classical music prosleduesh in the hotel lobby. And then right at the entrance stands shampusik in ice. Aristocratic, is not it right? That she is a rare bird called the fine service. The classification of hotels: Theatre begins with a hanger door, even experienced travelers will tell the hotel a lot. How does it open? Is it easy for his subjects, whether silently 'Are leaving' wink photocell? True, modern hotel doors no longer open, and rotate.