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Traffic Police

Were it not so long ago in the glorious city of Penza. My machine tinted all around, except windshield (naturally tinted front side windows does not meet state standards). At the intersection of the Moscow and Gorky hampers DPS officer (they are there for pedestrians pasture), the young of this, probably even younger than me. I think what braked, I kind of missed (the front passenger window lowered completely, driving more than half). Further Dialogue: D: your documents? (He introduced himself and said the reason for the stop) Me: Please. T: And where insurance? (And on the docks he can not see the type that the car less than a year, and really come to love have insurance) I am a commander, to get away! (But see have) That's insurance. T: I'll write a receipt. Me: What? T: Do you toning.

We write. I am not going. T: Why? O_o I am Potomuchno commander, you have no instrument. In general, for any reason you stopped me? D: In the City operation is conducted, "the entire vehicle," I: Can I look at the order of the operation? T: I do not have a printed form. I: And in accordance with the internal order of the Ministry of Interior should be. So for some reason you are me stopped? D: on your machine orientation. I am probably not on my own, and to look like? Can I look at the orientation? T: I have spoken it. Me: But you should have it written somewhere? T: Take the papers! And go, no goodbye to you, or sorry! With a view like this, I stopped and began to pester him with their orders and toning, etc.

Here are my issues: 1) started a conversation with an employee "you" 2) orientation really can be oral (but he had reason to call right away) Facts: "young" clearly wanted to just cut the dough and put a mark on offense and did it very clumsily, for its violations, I always pay (usually a small excess), and when gaytsy normal always asking "Guys, you need a receipt for a tick or so?" and write out or scatters or so, I do not like when they start to grow on dough from scratch Let's see what happens. One will say, impudent not advise it, trouble then more will be. If you see that is not going to fall behind and will do those. inspectors with a "light bulb", so better tell receipt subscribed! Although it is worth noting also that, by law you have to shine "light bulb", ie check the technical condition of your vehicle inspector is entitled only to a stationary position GAI! But still know what country we live in! Good luck on the road! The original of this and my other articles can be read on