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When Life Comes Back

Today is day 13, friday 13 by the way, much old says that this day would be the vestibule between our world and the demon, I found that reality was something that if could to move, that we podiamos to be happy whenever we achavamos, with water, sun and sea. But it is not well thus, to imprison feelings it makes badly to the heart, it makes you to think that its violo and its music already do not touch plus another heart, perhaps nor has touched its, perhaps the fame alone shrapnel its heart, old history tears into pieces the hope of a new start, but I go to walk, exactly in the desert, exactly alone, the steps seram only mine, exactly that I look at for behind, I see only the past and my future disappearing, as well as the marks in the soil, I can lie down the head in the travisseiro and now think: ' ' now I tenhof im, now I can die, now I can forget if everything to give errado' ' No linking, no message, but no heart..