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Champions League

Finally, Raphael Varane referred to the French dnsa. It is a child with a great potential, but a child. As all you have to work a lot. It is very Intelligent, knows that it has both to improve and a dimension for doing so tremendous, stressed. Its potential is very large.

We have great confidence in him. Us has won with its qualities as a humble, hard-working guy. It is easy that people fall in love him. Today has trained as he has never played in his life. Before 50,000 people. That is why it has to grow, but it will be a great player, he concluded. Hints for the technician of Real Madrid UEFA revealed that as long as the penalty in Champions League do not discuss this competition, although it took the opportunity to send a message to UEFA, qualify as great victory that would reduce a party of four who imposed on him after his statements. I learned that I can’t tell the truths, Mourinho replied when he was asked about if something learned from everything that lived on the semi-finals of Champions League classic.

I do not nobody shut me up, he added making clear it will not change their behaviour at press conferences when he appears before the media communication. Champions League I don’t speak while it is sanctioned. I have had important victories in my career as coach, but the fact that a body like UEFA, with the legal situation that we all know can not be qualified as democratic normal legal body, reduce my sanction for me has a tremendous significance, he said.Not bad, but tremendous. It has not reduced more, because it would be a strange situation but it has been a great victory. But I’m sanctioned two more matches and as long as it don’t speak of that competition, he concluded.