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The Rules

These phrases are called demagogues or phrases of effect or, still, ' ' to full linguia' '. The phrases most used are: ' ' we are investigando' ' when the politician is pressured to decide a problem related to its subordinate; ' ' this is thing of oposio' ' , when the administration wants to justify its me; ' ' my concern is with povo' ' , when it is in electoral campaign or when it wants to take the place of ' ' father of pobres' ' ; ' ' we always made optimum that pudemos' ' , this made always to want me the remain of it because it is an incomplete phrase for being comprometedora. If the politician was not lying it would say: ' ' we always made optimum that pudemos' ' for our capachos, relatives, adherent, coreligionists and for my happy retirement. Beyond these already cited he has one that is a disguise of the incompetence. Wait there! Beyond being confused with Pinquio, the Brazilian politician also is confused as imcompetent person? He is not well thus, Pinquio beyond having been misunderstanding in its you also say it was in its action, the wooden doll falante age imcompetent person because he did not obtain to follow the rules to become a child of meat and bone, and also alone in them you finish consequncias obtained to have an deserving attitude descent and of the goodness of the blue fairy transformed that it into people. She is clearly that the blue fairy does not go to place a correct and morally falante cricket to the side of ours politicians, therefore it does not vote for being one personages ficcional, and of the side of ours politicians have always a bajulador that he is loyal, lie down when they order, they roll and until they dissimulate deceased, certainly the cricket would not have time with in such a way bajulador that lives as carrapatos in the leather of the politicians.