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The authorities of the municipalities that belong to the coastal cities of the Spanish coast, are aware of the rapid growth and even illegal construction of buildings on the coast. Some say the area near the sea turned into a “graveyard of concrete.” One of the main causes of this phenomenon is the rapid growth that had the item property in the immediate previous years. The governments of each City Council approved works (public or private) that were clearly against the law of environment protection, and the limit of meters should be without building near the sea. Some designs of buildings, gated communities, villas, restaurants, etc. Virgin sites disappeared and the landscape was transformed into a set of buildings piled beside the sea.

There was both domestic and foreign investments, which were justified with the waves of tourism that arrived in the country, saying that housing supply was not sufficient. This population growth regardless of the different localities, mainly by the entry of foreigners arriving to live in Spain. But probably, these issues of “housing demand” was largely fabricated. Among the provinces most affected by this situation, we can mention Malaga and Barcelona. The latter special way with those built in cold blood. Late last year, according to El Pais, the country recorded 997 652 properties for sale. Over half of these were already completed and delivery terms.

The Ministry of Housing reported that construction of the provinces belonging to the Mediterranean coast, representing almost 50% of all households. This percentage translates into a figure of approximately 500,000 properties. Unfortunately, at this stage of housing crisis will not be as easy to locate their owners to reach, as it was in the real estate boom years. Five years ago, all these properties had been sold, and demand would continue to exist. But today, financial instability led to a housing stock almost impossible to reduce. And this is perceived especially in those customers buying a house or apartment as your second home. Until the cause is obvious: first product disregard those that do not necessarily acquire. And those who do it as an investment. Some scholars think that in order to sell all the homes that are currently in stock, will have to wait about 2 years. This approach could be implemented assuming that each year can be sold more than 350,000 homes.