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Mechanical Antitheft System

The issue of vehicle safety, as well as protecting them from theft worth more since the first cars. So when you have a car, first think about its security. Want to start with what we need analyze the existing types of anti-theft systems and choose the most suitable of them. Consider the most common types of anti-theft systems. The first type – is the mechanical protection of car theft. The principle of them is that the system is blocking the ability to manage a specific item. Mechanical protection system can be divided into two main categories – the system locks the steering wheel and the system blocking transmission.

For the first variant uses the mechanism of self-grasping the steering wheel, this mechanism goes sliding pin, which rests on the floor lounge, which therefore does not give the possibility to produce the helm and will not give to steal cars. These systems are mostly universal and can block the wheel probably of any kind. Slightly different things are with the mechanical locking system gearbox. Them correctly call 'podkonsolnye pin locks'. The main feature interdigital locks is that for every model has its own locking system adapted for a specific console gear box, allows tremendous efficiency to block access. Now these types of systems for more than 300 different models and brands of cars.

The advantage of these systems is the impossibility of sawing blocking pin, because he located inside the console gearshift. Mechanical anti-theft system is quite easy to install, as well as this does not deteriorate saloon cars because they give no dents or scratches. Advantages of this system consist in the fact that the thief will have to tinker for a long time, and afterwards simply pull back. A disadvantage is that the mechanical anti-theft devices are not able to alert the driver about breaking his car. The next type – electronic. They allow not only to block the car itself, but also to inform the use of special funds motorist about the possibility of theft of your car. Electronic systems are pretty common, and in particular represent a system of locking doors as well as the possibility of fixing a set of gauges breaking, as well as system alerts the driver. This group of anti-theft systems determine immobilizers. Immobilizer is a hidden device which makes it possible to identify the original key driver. At the same time when using a fake (not the real key) and the team sharing the auditors do not comply with signals, immobilizer locks one or the same pair of e-government-run machine, so in other words, lock the starter, ignition. Immobilizer will not protect the machine from the autopsy, but not exactly give without specialized electronic means to steal a car burglary. Finally, all of the above we can say that it is better to use anti-theft device such as electronic, mechanical, and also, only then can you be sure that personal vehicle will not be hijacked.

How To Change The Wheel

At first glance, such a simple operation as a replacement for the wheel, in fact, require the driver to a certain dexterity and skill. This is eloquently proved by numerous "injuries" in the form of detached car jacks Jacking, crumpled thresholds that applied to their cars inexperienced owners. The procedure for replacing the wheel has to be such. Turn on first gear, properly apply the parking brake and the opposite side of the car under the wheels Put a wedge-stops. Ping Fu wanted to know more. Wedges should be lightly hammered hand in these, otherwise they will not reliably prevent the vehicle from moving. Now remove the spare tire, put him to the ground (to the car it better Do not lean) and loosen the nut a damaged wheel. Next, lift the car with the jack, loosen the mounting nuts, remove the faulty wheel and put it on the ground. Then put a spare tire, greed, and tighten the key (as possible), nuts or bolts, lower the car to the ground and finally tighten the nuts (or bolts). Remove the wheel to remove a spare seat and pull from under the wheels of the wedges.