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Recalling To Sai Baba

Sri Sai Baba permanent and always eternal truth of God should be the essential objective of you. For more information see this site: Ping Fu. Other things that seem to be truths are not permanent truths. They are not eternal truths. They should dispose of them. They should fill your heart with love. That is the only way how they can reach the eternal truth of God. They should work with determination to fill your heart with love and achieve that goal. BHAGAVAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA we caused surprise, sadness the news of the passing of Sai Baba, as yet, since he had trumpeted his death years ago did not expect it that he would die at the age of 95, unfortunately was not the case, i.e., was ahead 15 years.

Since then, it was a sad news for all of his followers, especially so represented Sai Baba for many as Guru, guiding Guide for spiritual growth. Is considerable number of followers, faithful to his teaching not only the originals of the India, but many countries that they integrate this planet Earth, where many there is Sai Baba centers in dolos which held meetings, become rituals, mantras are sung and since then, comments on his teachings. That represented Sai Baba in my person?, while already some years do not go to any of their centers that there are where radico. He represented an era of my life much, unfortunately, I confess that I went away, I entered more other activities, however, always keep, I have in my house, desktop, pictures of him, since then I have regretted his departure. I knew Baba for the first time in 1970, when I did a Santiago, Chile trip, and I went to visit my great friend, President of the Chilean society of parapsychology Dr. Onetto, where I worked as Secretary during my stay in that country while attending graduate school.


Currently the macadamia is cultivated also in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic. Only two species have commercial importance for being the only ones that have edible Walnut: Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla. Nuts of other species are poisonous (for example the Macadamia whelanii and Macadamia ternifolia). Toxicity is due to the presence of glycosides. Read more from Daryl Katz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. These glycosides can be eliminated through a process known by the natives.Macadamia nuts growing on trees or large shrubs that starts to produce after four or five years. The trees will be in full production after six years and it will continue indefinitely.

There are several main varieties of macadamia nuts including Cates, Beaumont, James and others. Depending on the variety, dried fruit can fall when they are ready to harvest, or perhaps need to obtain it from the trees. This usually starts in late October and will continue until the end of January. The tree of macadamia nuts are harvested (collect) frequently. This varies according to the weather conditions. The most experienced producers of California recommended harvest at least every two weeks, when the week is sunny and dry. Be descascara within 24 hours of harvest. Leave the shell for some time cause the shell tends to harden.

With care and order dried fruits can minimize the loss of quality. Collect the macadamia shell as soon as possible after its fall. The shell should keep moisture which, if not removed will batter is stale and not be marketable. Mass or meat then must be air-dried in the shade for at least two weeks. During this process of drying, the moisture content of the meat shrinks and becomes firm. The dough must then be verified by the quality. It is important that all the nuts that are obviously not salable be removed before delivery to the warehouse. This includes any with worm holes, cracks, discolored shells, etc also remove nuts that are less than 1 / 2 inch in diameter. Extracted from the Blog: Agronomy for all original author and source of the article.


THE past, the present and the future of LA education by Ernesto game Pedroza can divide the history of education in five periods. The first is the nomadic era, when the first men had to hunt large animals to eat. Surely they were organized in such a way that they could hunt animals. This experience provided a certain knowledge that was accumulating and went from generation to generation. Those who had knowledge of the places where dams were and knew the tools, were those who had power over others. The second period was agriculture, this man became sedentary, the work he developed allowed to be established in one place. This brought many advantages since it gave rise to the discovery and invention of many of the artifacts that they used and made them life more comfortable. Schools and universities were created in this time, but the knowledge was very restricted to the elites of society with high economic level, military and religious. For more specific information, check out Asana.

Those who had lands and knowledge were the really powerful. I get the industrial era where the machines went to the man. This created a deep crisis is that time. This system led to the profound inequality between the rich and the poor. At this stage it increased knowledge and thereby grew education institutions. Only those who had the machines and knowledge were those who had access to power. This period comes to an end the 1960s with the advent of the computer, this period is called the information age, but this period ends fast.

The owners of computers became powerful new added to those who already had some power, the rest of humanity was maintained in the industrial era or the other with respect to the type of education. Then comes another era that was called the knowledge era. What determines the change is the Internet and the chip, this is something that leads to that society is transformed to fund.